Compilations are not appearing under "compilations"

As the title suggests, and as illustrated in the attached pic, why aren’t compilations being filed under the compilations section in the artist page?

Hello @extracampine,

I am so sorry for missing your post for this long. Please, accept my deepest apology :pleading_face:

While I wish I had a solution, or at least an answer, I don’t. What I can do instead, and have already done, is take this to the team that can help.

We’ll follow up :pray:

Hi @beka - thanks very much for your kind response.

I’m glad that you have taken this up with the team. There seems to be an issue in Roon at the moment in terms of both separating out compilations on the artist’s page, and also in differentiating between anthology type compilations (where all the tracks are by the same artist), and “with various artists” compilations where the tracks are by different artists. Does that make sense?

Hey @extracampine,

Thank you for staying in touch and for clarifying where the error might lie :pray:

This thread is with our technical team now, but I wanted to kindly as for a bit more of your patience. Their response times are still delayed a bit more than we’d like… :pleading_face:

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For my local library, if it’s an artist’s compilation, say “Magic Slim’s Greatest Hits”, it shows up under their “main album” section. If it shows up under the “compilations” section, it is a various artists compilation, like the “The Best of Slide Guitar” album he appears on with songs by John Priner, John Littlejohn, and others.

I guess that is the question. What is a Compilation?

While a Greatest Hits by a Band is technically a compilation, to me, a compilation is made up of tracks from Various Artists. Personally, I want to see Greatest Hits listed in the Groups Main Albums, not, hidden under Compilations. So, Relics should not be listed under Compilations, imho.

I don’t think Roon has an official stance on this. An album is or is not a Compilation based on the provided meta-data, from what I gather. But, if you take the Stones as any indication, none of their nearly 2 dozen greatest hits releases are listed as Compilations, even though, many are described as such in the review text.

For more than six decades, compilations have been subdivided into two types, artist compilations, and various artists’ compilations. As I’m 70, that has always been the way I looked at it. Whether the meaning has morphed over the years to now have your meaning, I have no idea. But @extracampine must have meant my definition, as his example was “Relics” by Pink Floyd. As far as the Stones, I checked six of their greatest hit packages, and all six are marked by Roon as “Compilation”, mine are local, but identified by Roon. I did not check Qobuz.

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Any update on this issue @beka ?

Hi @extracampine,

Ensure that you have the album type metadata set as Compilation and that you prefer local tags for Album Type.