"COMPLETE" or "INCOMPLETE" as a new album Inspector criteria

Sometimes one may not have all the tracks in an album. So the album is identified and naturally only the tracks that are present in the library are displayed. I would like roon to recognize if an identified album is complete ( including all tracks in the library) or not, so that I can use the inspector in the focus section and have the ability to distinguish complete and incomplete albums…
Regarding the incomplete albums , I would also like to have the option to list the tracks that are not present in the library preferably as grayed out or with a red warning text on it (just like “duplicate” and “live” indications)… The next step could be the ability to play the missing files from tidal


I really like this idea, but I can foresee issues arising in a case where, for example, the original version of an album has 6 tracks and then at a subsequent point, another version is released that has the 6 original tracks, plus 2 “bonus” tracks. I know Roon can often distinguish between such different versions, but experience suggests that this is an area where Roon (not to mention Discogs and MusicBrainz) sometimes gets confused.

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+1 Did asked that same question back in 2015. My suggestion was to check several things and indicate how good your release in your library is. Either in percentages or color. Just an idea.

Old thread

It was not answered back then. Maybe the devs could have a new look.

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I think once you identify your partial album, theres no need for roon to try to identify an already identified album but I agree still some other scenarios may arise…
anyway, rather than filling the missing tracks , distinguishing incomplete albums would also be enough for now

I asked for this feature because I needed it recently and can not find another way around to solve my problem.

I have come across with some albums with missing tracks in my library , which I know were there before because I used to listen to them

Now those tracks are missing physically on my hard drives, I don’t how that happened but probably I have done something I don’t remember.

ANyway what is done is done, I rip my CDs again as I find albums with missing tracks however I can never be sure if there are any other albums with missing tracks until I want to listen to them …
Can anyone recommend another way around to solve this problem

Focus / Inspector / Contiguous Tracks, is probably the best tool in the arsenal right now.

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There is a piece of software made by the dbpoweramp people called Perfecttunes which should detect incomplete rips. A demo version is available


I sometimes have this issue but it is often a filing error. A missing track will show up where it shouldn’t be. This does often prevent Roon from identifying the CD as the track count is inaccurate.

Are you sure about that feature in dbpoweramp? I once asked the same question to spoon the author of perfecttunes in their forums and he said that it would not be part of the perfecttunes suite and he had some concerns about some of the technicalities.

I must admit I have not used perfectunes in the last half year to a year, so maybe he added it.

Can you point me (us) to that feature please?

Thanks . Thats does the job. But i wonder something. If the missing track is the last track it is still recognized as contigious i guess

Not a feature of dbpoweramp, but a separate piece of software. Haven’t used it myself but as it claims to detect inaccurate rips, it should flag missing tracks? A demo version is available so try it out on a test rip with a track deleted.