Completely wrong titles for tracks 7-12 for Chopin Etudes Op. 10 and Op. 25 by Ashkenazy

The track titles 7-12 for Chopin Etudes Op. 10 and Op. 25 by Vladimir Ashkenazy are completely wrong (see below). Refer to for the correct information.

Oh wow, this is just non-obvious bad composition part metadata…

These parts should be numbered 1-12, not 13-24. We’ve requested that this be corrected.


My copy is a Decca Double of Sonatas & Etudes

I see 1-12 ok then op25 starts as no 13 maybe it should be another 1-12 Set

You pic seems different is it a different set ?

Yes, look at the two releases here.

Mine is neither , Decca released all Ashkenazy’s Chopin as a set and as a series of Double Deccas , I have all 5

this is the cover


The tracks seem OK


Ah, it’s this one: AllMusic is being updated. | Music Search, Recommendations, Videos and Reviews

The composition parts for tracks 13-24 are, like in the OP’s case, incorrect: a set of 12 Etudes should not be numbered from 13-24! This should be fixed soon.

I agree , they should be number 1-12 for each Opus

Thanks Again


Hi - hope bumping this is the right thing to do –

Chopin Etudes second set (op. 25) still showing numbered 13-24 in both sets by Ashkenazy (Decca, the single CD with 24 tracks) and Pollini (DG, single CD 24 tracks). Discs are identified, although I put my own image on the Ashkenazy as I tend to favour the original LP jackets. Interestingly, the TIDAL versions of both albums also number the second set as 13-24.