Composer search problems

When I perform a search for albums featuring works by a particular classical composer in my library, I get only partial results, with several albums missing. It seems to particularly happen with box sets.

e.g. If I search for Johannes Brahms, the complete symphonies conducted by Gunter Wand does not show up (this is a CD set I’ve ripped to NAS.) If I search for Gunter Wand as an artist, however, it shows up.

Any idea what I could be doing wrong?

(As an aside, a weird thing with Brahms in particular is that any album with a track called “Lullabye” shows up, :slight_smile: )

Hello, just bumping this. @mike

Sounds as though you need to improve the quality of your metadata. Is it this box set?

Need more context, there are many ways to get to a specific album other than search

That’s the one. I checked the metadata and it has “Johannes Brahms” entered as composer. I used dbpoweramp to rip the CD’s, for what it’s worth.

Yes. I am not saying I can’t find the album. But I would like to click on a composer’s name and find every recording in my library that includes works by that composer. (And if it didn’t include everything that had a track called “Lullabye”, that would be a nice bonus. At least it doesn’t include every single “Symphony” or “Sonata”!)

Well, Roon knows about this box set of 2 CDs. Can you post a screenshot of the album page (as I did)?

Here you go:

Hmm - that certainly looks OK; it’s been identified by Roon and shows that the works are composed by JB.

But you say that if you go to the Composer page for Brahms, select the Discography tab and click the “Library” icon, it doesn’t show? It does for me…

I added this album to my library from Qobuz. For the life of me I couldn’t find it under the “Overview” section of Brahms either. There is no “funnel” or any other means of refining a search. The only option is to scroll through hundreds of albums (including compilations and box-sets) hoping to hit on it by visual inspection. I don’t know one way or the other if it is available in that view as I just gave up.

I then tried the “Discography” section which threw up 7,269 albums. Fortunately I can both set a “My Library” switch and “funnel” on conductor. The album shows up but I think in that view it is a pre-requisite that Günter Wand has a “Primary Artist Link” in metadata. That is something you need to check.

I am not sure I understand what the purpose of the “Overview” section is for Classical composers? Seems redundant and is essentially unusable with major Classical composers. I can see that scrolling around probably works with most performers even major ones with deep back catalogues in the 10’s but with composers where you may have dozens or even hundreds of albums the lack of a funnel search can make it essentially unusable.

That works. If I go to “Albums” under “My Library” and then filter for “Brahms” I get the Wand set (and no albums without Brahms pieces). So I guess I’ll just do that unless the bug gets figured out.

That’s very odd - it is certainly there for me…

Is it the dreaded umlaut?

Works by going Artist > Discography then filter Brahms

Works fine for me via Tidal

It’s an Overview - and does what it says on the tin for me at least. If I want to browse through the full catalogue of works and recordings, I’ll use the Composition and Discography tabs where both Focus and Filter are available…

I think you are missing my point Geoff. I am not saying it is not there. It might be there, I just don’t know. With major composers like Brahms I have many hundreds of albums (inc. box sets and compilations). I did try scrolling through the Overview screen a few time before giving up but I couldn’t find it near the top of the list as you seem to have. It might be there. I just don’t know. There is no useful way of ordering the albums in that view (for example, recently added). I have also assumed that “Overview” is a bit of a misnomer. I thought it is was complete list of all local albums which is what I think the OP is probably expecting, not an arbitrary selection that I don’t know what the rules are for. That is why it has no local library filter? Is that incorrect? If it is a complete list of local albums it seems redundant to me as I can get that in the Discography screen by applying the library icon.

I can of course always find that Brahms album in Discography by filtering on “local library” and “Brahms”. But that wasn’t the point of my post.

There are these options:

Not sure whose popularity is being used here: mine or the Roon Community… By date added would be useful I would agree.

To me, the term “Overview” implies a “survey”, a “summary”, not a complete catalogue (that I expect, and get, in the Discography and Composition tabs). I note that the section is also titled “From my library” rather than “My library”, which again leads me to suspect that Roon may not be showing the complete content.

Date added would be useful. I don’t know why roon is not more consistent with these sorts of options across all screens. Seems a simple enough thing.

In my case, “Overview” surfaces 1,040 Brahms albums from my library. I do not know in what sense that is an overview in the sense you mean. To me it is an incomprehensibly complete list of albums that seems to be very comprehensive. It is actually 180 albums longer than the list I get in Discography where I get 860 albums when I apply the library filter to remove the Qobuz entries.

I haven’t figured out yet why the overview is longer than the discography. As far as I can see it includes numerous compilations and box sets which is what I would filter out if I was trying to make a summary.

Anyway the long and the short of it is that in the Overview section, I finally found that Brahms album. It is number 464 in the list or scrolling down 46 pages which is why I couldn’t find it in the absence of any usable ordering or filtering options.

Your library is obviously magnitudes larger than mine :slightly_smiling_face: and I suspect also that of Roon’s UI designers so your use case is unfortunately in the long tail of things to consider…

Actually, I have figured out why there are +/- 1,000 Brahms albums. I have no where near that. It is more like dozens. Maybe a hundred or so.

I have split a large number of box-sets into single albums. If a 60-CD box set has 3 Brahms albums (a conductor retrospective for example) then roon will often retain an album level “Brahms” credit for all 60 albums whether there is any Brahms on the individual CD’s or not.

Others splitting box-sets must be seeing this?

OK in for a penny …

My overview albums start with

Wishbone Ash - Pilgrimage
3x versions of Yes Fragile

I can understand the Yes but other than a credit to Universal I am lost with Wishbone ash

I can confirm the box thing where Richter shows. 51 CD references, there’s maybe 4 or 5 in the box

PS got it Brahms is credited as a composer in the track Lullaby, listening I am not sure why ?

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