Computer volume

With OSX Roon doesn’t restore the original computer sound volume, when using ‘Fixed Volume’ in Roon’s audio settings.
So after having used and closed Roon, the computer’s audio volume level stays at maximum.

Hey @loeribas – can you let us know a little more about your output and settings?

What audio device are you playing to? Is exclusive mode enabled? What’s your goal using Fixed Volume?

Let me know a little more about your setup and we can figure out what’s going on here. Thanks!

Hello @mike,

Thanks for answering.
Here you see my system audio level before starting Roon:

And here when using Roon and after quitting Roon:

These are my audio settings:

The audio device is my Built-in Output (via an Apple Airport to a DAC).
As you can see Exclusive Mode is enabled and I’m using Fixed Volume because there’s less processing needed for the audio.

I have noticed that the system volume is set back, when I do not check Fixed Volume. So that’s gonna be my setting for now on. Using the volume is useless anyway, because I use the Airport.
However, I don’t see the logic for not setting the volume back when in Fixed Volume mode.

I’m running Roon on an iMac 27" Retina, with 32GB internal memory.

We actually don’t do any processing in Roon related to volume. @brian discussed things in more depth here, but we’re simply sending volume commands to the driver.

The fixed volume setting simply sets the volume to 100% and hides the slider. It’s designed for cases where, for example, telling your DAC to play back at less than 100% might had adverse affects, like no longer playing bit perfect.

I think running with fixed volume off should work for you, but let me know if I’m mistaken. Thanks @loeribas!