Computer with Roon Core installed died a watery death

OS: Windows 7 Pro, Latest Build of Roon (I think)

So my GF accidentlly spilled water inside my PC and fried some components inside (not sure which yet). My PC doesn’t power on so I fear the mobo, or psu, or both. Anyway, i’ve ordered some new components, but I will likely need to start with a fresh windows installation (Windows 10). How do i separate my Roon Core account from that PC if I can’t boot it up?


Hi @Shahram_Baradaran,

Sorry to hear about your PC!

No need to worry about the authorization process — When you fire up Roon and login on the new machine/install, you’ll be able to deauthorize your old Core and authorize the new one all from the new machine, so there is no need to access the Roon Core on the old machine.

If you have any other questions please let us know!

Ok great - thanks!

Hi @Shahram_Baradaran,
Following on from @dylan’s reply … once you have installed Roon on the new OS you should restore your Roon DB backup … so that any edits, playlists, etc. are restored.

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