Configuring a Bryston BDP-2 to share files so Roon can see them

I have installed the latest update for the Bryston BDP-2 software and Roon on my iMac as well as my iPad. The Roon software is recognizing files on my iMac but not finding the files on my Bryston. I have not been able to configure Roon to see my library on my Bryston and I would appreciate some help in directing me as to how I need to do this.

Are you trying to access the music files directly attached via hard drive to the BDP-2? Roon uses a core system on your iMac. The music files stored on the computer’s NAS, or USB hard drive will be utilized by the BDP-2 as an endpoint. You should be able to select the BDP-2 in ROON under Settings>Audio. The BDP-2 has to be booted and “ON” for Roon to see it.

Verify that under the BDP-2 services tab, Roon Ready is selected.

BDP-2 Settings> Services.

Take at look at Ken Krutsch’s response a few posts down in the below link…

I think you just need to enable samba on the device according to the manual (page 42/43), have created a shared folder on the device and add the network address in the storage settings of Roon


(I don’t have that device, so I am only assuming from the info of the specs and manual.)

Just keep in mind that if you get it working You will be sending the music files from the Bryson to the mac and then back to the Bryson