Confused artists - (The) Lost and Found


I own an album called “Forever Lasting Plastic Words” by a band called “Lost and Found” (60s psychedlic band from Texas).

In the database the band is listed as “The Lost and Found”. ( The discography is mostly wrong. All albums (except the first one in the list) are recorded by other bands (of the more or less same name).


On there are two more entries for bands called “Lost and Found” ( and As far as I can tell the first entry always refers to the same 60s psychedelic rock band. The second entry is mixed up again.

In addition it seems that the album has two names (depending on the catalog or listing it is mentioned - see comment at below).

I purchased the album from Qobuz. Their catalog says

Band name: “Lost and Found”
Album name: “Forever Lasting Plastic Words”

It would be great if there is a chance of fixing the entries in the database.

Hello @papa.jay,

This appears to be an issue on our metadata provider’s side. I’ve reached out to them asking that they review this artist and make any necessary changes here. I’ll be sure to keep you updated once I’ve heard back from them. We appreciate the report.

Hi @papa.jay,

I’ve received word from our metadata provider that they’ve reviewed the Lost and Found artist and cleaned things up. Things will take about a week before it reflects in your library. If things look good after that time, please mark this post as the solution to the topic. If there are any other issues you notice at that time just let me know and I’ll take a look.

Thanks again for the report!

The album is now available named “Everybody’s here” (that’s one of the two names this album is known as). I renamed the album and it’s all good now.

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