Confusion between Album and Track

Roon Core Machine

Rock running on a Zotac ZBOX-CI622NANO i3-10110U Intel DDR4 HDMI DP passiv (Intel Core i3-10110U)] with 8 GB ram and a SSD

Roon Server Software Version 2.0 (build 1193) production

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Networking components are all from Ubiquiti. Rock is connected to a Switch (US-8) that is connected to a Switch (24 POE) which is connected to a Switch (USW-LITE-8-POE) that is connected to Switch (Flex mini) which finally is connected to a Synology DS 920+.

Connected Audio Devices

Chord Mojo connected to a Chord Poly on the local WLAN (AC Pro Access point connected to the Switch 24 PoE listed above). Mojo drives a Focal Stellia

Number of Tracks in Library

~25k tracks

Description of Issue

I am confused as to how Roon Handles albums and tracks for Dire Strait’s Sultans of Swing album. When I enter “Sultans of swing” in the search function and click on the only album found, I get an album which seems to have only a single track (So far away). When I then go to one of the tracks listed under tracks, i get the complete album. This cannot be the intended behavior ?

What service and what album version are you using?

I get this:

If I choose the first hit I get this:

It’s the same in Qobuz and Tidal for me.

Hi, thanks so much for replying.

I am only using local files (my ripped CD collection). So maybe my issue is my file tagging. I checked, all the tracks on the album have the same text as album name.

Here’s what happens:

I enter “Sultans of swing” in the search and get a “top result”, an “album” and several “tracks” as search result (see red text 1 in picture)
Since I am interested in the album, I click on the album search result (red text 2 in the picture) and get an album that only has one track in it (So far away, red text 4 in the pictures)
If I click on a track in the search results (see red text 3 in pictures), i am taken to an album that has all tracks (see red text 5 in the pictures).
If I click on the “top result”, i also get an album that has all tracks in it (see red text 6 in the pictures).

So my issue is that all searches work as expected except the one for the album.


OK. I’m afraid I have no experience with local files and how they are handled. Sorry.

I doubt this has anything to do with search as such. Did you try going to the Roon side bar > Library > My Albums, make sure you sort by artist, then scroll down to the Dire Straits albums?

What do you see there, does the album cover appear several times but they all have incomplete tracks?

What do you see if you click on versions on any of the albums?

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