Congratulations! KEF LS50W & Roon 269 - Direct to ETH!

Forgive me if this is a silly question, I’m new to Roon!
Since I connected my KEFs via ethernet, the Roon RAAT is no longer showing in the signal path. Is this correct?
I was previously connecting my KEFs to my pc via USB and roon RAAT was the middle stage of my signal path.

This integration does not do full RAAT .

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Ah, that would be why. Thanks!

Since the last firmware upgrade of the KEF LS 50W, almost every time when I start ROON on my Ipad, the volume of the KEF LS50 W audiozone is initially maximized to 100… And that is A LOT of noise… I have not experienced this before. Anyone had the same experience ?

I got the same problem!! @R_Lacroix

Ok, see the support forum Adam. I posted a case there and busy with Mike from Roon to provide him something to work with.

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Was there just a device update in Roon for these speakers? The only devices I have Roon connected to are the Kefs and two Sonos Ones.

Hi. New to Roon, and currently trying out the 14 day trial. I have these connected to my LS50’s, and also linked to a set of seperate ceiling speakers on a sonos amp. It will connect to both, but I cant group them together so I can play the same output across all speakers. Is there any way around this? From reading the FAQ’s, I get a feeling this is a hardware issue. Can anyone help? Thanks.

Due to the Roon implementation on the LS50W you cannot group them with other zones. There is no way around this. Sorry. It’s not a hardware issue. It’s the way that Roon was implemented on the speakers. It’s not a RAAT implementation and so not grouping is possible. The trade off is that you don’t need a separate renderer to get Roon to play on these speakers. That would be the work around.

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I’ve heard of people using £150 RaPi +DAC + AMP to power their ceiling speakers, and a RaPi + DAC into the LS50W, then apparently all end points can be played in sync.

Thanks for the quick responses. That makes sense now. I may have to rethink my setup, which is a pity as I really love the Roon interface.

Why would you think the Roon interface because you can’t group zones? What would you go to that would allow you to group zones that was not Roon without adding additional hardware. I never group zones so I guess I don’t understand the need to do so.

Yes, it looks like I’ll need to change hardware if I want to group zones with Roon. Could I hook up a Sonos Connect to the LS50’s to allow grouping? Kind of defeats the purpose of the inbuilt amp in the KEF’s, but seems like the only way I can think grouping would work.

Would multiple LS50w’s group together successfully? I have never needed to group zones so have no experience.

Sorry, maybe I’m not explaining myself very well here. Appreciate everyones input! I only have one pair of LS50’s. The other speakers are passive ceiling speakers, which I’m powering from a Sonos Connect amp. As I’ve found out, they cant be grouped. If I were to connect the LS50’s to a Sonos connect, would this allow grouping of all speakers?

A Sonos Connect into the LS50W’s would allow grouping with other Sonos hardware, but not with other Roon Ready devices in general. I think you would want the Connect version without the amp, and you could use either the RCA line level or digital optical input on the LS50W, and the DAC/amp built into the LS50W’s. The only restriction would be that Roon would have to downsample everything to match the Sonos 48khz/24bit limit, which may or may not matter to you.

Alternately, you could use something like a Raspberry Pi or Sonore MicroRendu into the USB input on the LS50W, and replace the Sonos amp powering your existing ceiling speakers with a Roon Ready DAC/Amp of some sort. That would allow grouping with any other Roon Ready hardware made by any other manufacturer, but would probably be somewhat more expensive.

For the record, I am not aware of any other software that would let you group the LS50W and Sonos hardware together.

Multiple LS50W’s do not group in Roon, for the same reason that we can’t group the LS50W’s with anything else.

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Are you saying that you have the LS50 and NOT the LS50W? Two different animals. If this is the case all the messages here are moot.

Thanks for the detail there Ben. That makes sense!. John, I have the LS50W.