Connect ethernet to DAC using coax in on DAC

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Roon core is MacBook

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Topping E 30 DAC

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I just bought a topping E30 DAC with optical, usb, coax in. How can I connect to the ethernet cable bearing the Roon signal. Will a simple adaptor do? Thanks for your help!

Raspberry Pi4 running RoPieee.


Allo digione


Either of the above will do the trick. The Allo will do up tp 192/24 over S/PDIF or give you USB out at any sample rate from the RPi.

A straight forward RPi will give you USB only out at any sample rate.

For both, I’d highly recommend running Ropieee (lots of support available here).

Price-wise there’s not that much to choose between them. The Allo has galvanic isolation on its S/PDIF, though that probably isn’t much of an issue as the ethernet feed is galvanically isolated provided you stick with unshielded ethernet cables, i.e. no higher spec than Cat 6 UTP.

Avoid Cat 7 and Cat 8 cables. They’re shielded and defeat ethernet’s built-in galvanic isolation by providing a ground connection between devices.

There’s a whole other, never-ending thread about ethernet cables…

I’ve never tried the Allo, but I have 2 X RPi4s running Ropiee powered by PoE HATs, one feeding a Topping E50 via USB, the other feeding a Topping DX7PRO via USB. Both are totally silent with the amps at full volume with no music playing, so there’s no ground loop hum.


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