Connect Roon to Devialet Phantom Gold speakers via Ethernet?

I’ve been “playing” with the Squezeelight Bridge sw option (iFi, etc) and it’s not working for me (only works sometimes, etc)…I feel I reached a dead end and it’s getting really frustrating(Phantom suppor’s UPnP, Room only supports Squeezebox, lallala :exploding_head::dizzy_face::woozy_face:), I can see all these (very close) solutions/work arounds, but no solid solution to use Roon with the Phantom’s at 192/24 (that excludes connecting via Toslink)…I really like my Phantom Gold and I would like to spread several across my house, but I want to use the full potential of the internal DAC (192/24) and use the fantastic Roon software with them. Is the only solution to give up on the Phantom’s, since they will never have native Roon support built in and go back to passive speakers connected to Naim Unit Atom or something?

Is there a solution(software/hardware), don’t matter the money, that will allow me to achieve my dream setup (with all the tech/developers out there, it should be simple), to use my Phantom’s connected via Ethernet and control/stream music with Roon…? I’m not a developer, but believe I’m tech savvy…I’m willing to pay… :slight_smile: …I need your help community!

I find strange that your Phantom Gold does not play 24/192k through Toslink. I have 2 Phantom Golds and a Phantom Silver and all 3 Phantoms have no problem to play 24/192k through a RPi with a digi+ board‘s optical output. The RPi is RAAT enabled. I can do multiroom with 2 RPi both using RAAT and they are perfectly in sync, no dropouts whatsoever playing 24/192k. Could it be that your Phantom has a HW issue that it cannot play 24/192k through Toslink?

Maybe…but the problem is that Devialet has “moved on” from supporting 192/24 over Toslink (they clean up their website as well on that) and now the official support answer is “no support over Toslink” only via uPnP (the internal DAC supports 192/24) use BunblePnP app or whatever (not a bad app but it’s not Roon)…so if I try the hw approach, they say they never officially supported 192/24 over Toslink, so I’m stuck… :frowning:

Check out Dante adapters might be a cure. There’s a lot of info about it on Here’s an example:

I read “all” about the Dante adapters and the Virtual Sound Card, etc…Devialet support confirmed for my use case (get 192/24 out of the Phantom’s) the Dante adapters won’t solve because it’s a Ethernet to Toslink adapter…and Toslink only supports 96/24…

I was on the hope to find a Dante Ethernet to Ethernet adapter to connect to the Phantom in order to make it a target speaker in a Dante network and then use the Virtual Sound Card on my Win10 machine (Roon supports) as a source…but unfortunately I couldn’t find such an adapter… :frowning:

Did you try if your Phantom also is able to play 192k or only 96k through Toslink?

Through Ethernet you will only be able send streaming protocols that are supported by the Phantom, i.e. upnp, AirPlay, and ‚Spotify connect‘. Upnp is the only hires one, but is not supported by Roon and often is unreliable, at least this is my experience.

This. They claim 96k limit because that is the published standard. But, most well made Toslink connections and cables can do 192k. The only way to know in your setup is to try it.

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Indeed I did, not only with a number of sources, but several cables all the way to a Lifatec that is a well stablish $200+ quality cable…it has been a money pit :unamused:…I could play for a while but at a point in time the sound goes away and the Phantom states “no cable detected” …with 96/24 this never happens…

I’ve been in this journey for a while… :roll_eyes:

I know, at this stage uPnP is the only hope to leverage the internal 192/24 DAC…if the Phantom’s will never have RAAT protocol…but like the Squeezebox Bridge “work around” and things like BumblePnP sw, there must be a way (sw/hw) to connect these two world’s in a reliable way…:smiley:

Glad to hear that you are well informed, sorry about the dead end. Have you tried your Phantoms in optical direct mode with 24/192? If you’re lucky it might work.

The support team told me that won’t overcome the 96/24 bootle neck…“only” to solve latency issues…

It’s still worth a try in my opinion, it’s free and reversible.

@ragwo I didn’t know it’s reversible…ok, I might give it a try then, let me find details…with Direct mode you no longer use the Devialet app correct, it becomes a passive speaker? Control the volume with the Roon app, correct? Do you also lose the Airplay and uPnP capabilities?

That’s correct.
Here’s how to in DOS1

I don’t know how you enable it in DOS 2.11.2.

If direct optical does not work at 24/192, apart from waiting for RAAT, the only option seems to be setting maximum rate to 96kHz in Roon. @ragwo and @streamy68, do you know if Phantoms upsample to 192kHz internally? Like the Expert amps do?

Sorry, I have no idea if it upsamples. The white paper is not very technical, mostly three letter acronyms made by their marketing team.

I can not remember seeing anything about upsampling either. I’ll send a question to Devialet support about it.

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But, most well made Toslink connections and cables can do 192k. The only way to know in your setup is to try it.

Different TOTX/TORX models support different maximum data rates. 10Mbps+ models need to be used at both ends if you want to send and receive 24-bit/192kHz stereo PCM. I used a 15Mbps model to guarantee support. If a manufacturer chose a 6Mbps model, then it would only work up to 24-bit/96kHz.