Connected Roon Core to new network and now asks "Are you online?"

Roon Core Machine

Synology DS918+
3 x HDD with media
1 x SS drive with the Roon Core

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Virgin Media Hub 4 (modem only mode)
TP Link Deco M4 router
TP Link TL-SG108 switch for ethernet connections to NAS and Linns

Connected Audio Devices

Linn Klimax DSM/2
Linn Klimax DS/1 Renew

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Apart from the occasional minor glitch adding albums from Tidal / Qobuz to my library Roon has been working working well. Today I connected the Synology NAS and Linns to a different network and it couldn’t find Roon. I restored from a backup which changed the problem to it asking “Are you online?”

The NAS has 2 ethernet connections so I just swapped to the other (which is the one which was connected to the old network) but now Roon says “Searching for Roon OS Core”.

I’ve restarted everything a few times. The network is online. I can access the Roon Core folders using Finder on my Mac. However the Roon software on my MacBook, iPad and iPhone cannot find the Roon Core.

Do I need to “Select a different core”?
If I do, will this lose my settings and history?

In rare cases after an update or backup restore I had this as well although the network was fine. I clicked “Select a different core”, it showed my regular ROCK Core, it connected and all was fine.

The settings and history are saved on the core anyway, so it will use whatever there is on the core that it finds. In the worst case (that won’t happen I suppose) you have a backup anyway

Have you restarted router?

Thanks for the advice but now it’s stuck “looking for your Roon Core”.

Yep, I’ve restarted everything. The app is stuck “Looking for your Roon Core”.

Not a network expert but this sounds like a classic case of your Roon Remote and Roon Core being on separate subnets of your network.
Can you access your router or use a program like Fing. To check the IP addresses of gear on your network?
Your remote and core need to have the first three sets of numbers in the IP address the same.

In this case your network is probably not fine as @AceRimmer wrote above

I gave up and connected my audio system back up to the old network. That didn’t work but the Synology has 2 ethernet connections so is connected to both. When I jumped onto my main network (the one I was trying to move over to) the Roon Core was suddenly visible. Had to restart everything a few times but eventually Roon could find the Linn streamers too.

Haven’t got a clue what the problem was but i can listen to music again.

Unfortunately I still can’t listen to BBC radio stations. That was the reason I was moving from my (US located) VPN network to my regular UK network. The Linn app can play BBC Radio 4 but Roon gives this message:

“Playback was interrupted because a track failed to load”

I think I read somewhere ,not absolutely certain , that the BBC were making their radio stations only available to listen to through their own " Sounds" app.

I read this too some time ago on the Naim forum when there was much complaining when this happened, but not sure if it depends on station and geolocation? I am in Germany and have these BBC stations (but no others) in Roon and they all play:

Thanks for getting in touch, @Suedkiez. Could you tell me the URL you are using for Radio 4 please? That’s all I really need. Radio 3 and 4 Extra might be nice but it’s Radio 4 that I listen to regularly.

I just searched for BBC on Roon’s live radio page in the app. I can check the URL later but am not at home atm

It’s in Roon’s Live Radio directory as @Suedkiez says. Here’s the page:

Note: if you are in the UK, you will likely get additional streams to choose from. The BBC geofence their streams.

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Yep, that’s what I’m getting but since I’m in the UK I’m also being offered the 320 stream but neither works.

Another user had the same issue but his core is a QNAP NAS and the issue was a FFMPEG that disappeared when Roon was updated. No idea what a FFMPEG is and doubt Synology and QNAP will use the same one so might be best to start a new thread.

All sorted.

Synology’s OS does not have a full suite of FFmpeg CODECs (I have no idea what half of those words mean) so one has to be manually added which is very simple once you’ve worked out what to add and where. You can download the FFmpeg from this chap’s website:

My Synology DS918+ is an i686 type of processor. Download and unpack / unzip it then paste into this folder:

/RoonServer/RoonOnNas/Bin folder

Restart the server and AAC streams like BBC HLS radio streams instantly work. Thanks for all you help.

Yes, it’s a similar situation for those of us who build a ROCK/NUC system - we have to install Codecs.

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