Connecting a DAC to Nativ Vita?


I am getting “transport_playback_error_endpoint_device_init_failed” when playing anything over 48kHz sample rate. 192/24 fails, 96/24 fails 88.2/24 fails, 48/24 ok 44.1/24 OK and 44.1/16 OK.
If I set max sample rate to 48kHz everything works fine … but then why have high sample rate files in the first place?
Core is running on WIndows 10
Player is Nativ Vita, a very new product on the market
DAC is ANK AudioNote Kits DAC3.1
I can play all hi res formats just fine directly from the Nativ Vita.

Any suggestions out there?
@support ?


I believe this device is based on Android. I’m guessing you’re plugging the DAC into the Vita directly?

Right now, Android playback is limited to 16/48, but we are hoping to add full support for external DACs on Android in the future.

For now, I think the Vita will work as a control point, but if you want to use that DAC with Roon, you’ll need to plug it in elsewhere – to the Windows PC, to a Raspberry Pi, to a Roon Ready bridge (like the microRendu, for example), etc.

Thanks for the clarification. Yes it is based on Android running RAAT (?) I believe. Actually I was a bit inaccurate in my initial post, the Nativ Vita first goes into a miniDSP digital room correction device then into the DAC, which I can bypass.
So for now I’ll just have to play my hi res music directly from the Nativ Vita UI.

I read earlier that RAAT support on Vita will be intro’ed on version 2.0 of their s/w: Nativ Vita high-res music system (Roon Ready)