Connecting a phono ADC to Roon

I have my record player connected to an ADC (PSAudio Nuwave phono plreamplifier) that I then connect to foobar to play records in my digital system. I am trialing Roon and would like to do the same but can not manage to find information on this. Can someone help?

This thread may help.

Many thanks, I will give it a detail reading as it seems is not as straightforward a connection as I had thought

I have the same phono converter. It is not possible to play external sources in Roon. The only method is effectively to serve your own IP radio station using Icecast and then use the internet radio station facility in Roon to tune in. Once you got it working it is probably fine but as you have seen it is a lot of work.
As of now, Roon is a closed system. Local files, streamed files and internet radio. Your only other option is to use the NPC to ‘rip’ your vinyl which sort of defeats the point of that format!

Thanks Henry
I think for now I will stick to my foobar + HQPlayer configuration to listen to phono as the radio station solution seems complex at it seems is limited to 16 bits