Connecting Apple TV with Roon Core (no sound)?

I try to connect my Apple TV 4K 1.gen with my Roon Core (on a Synology NAS).
I activated the Apple TV within Roon. Little bit complicated but I managed it :wink:
But I get no sound. Why?

I can start any song in Roon. Within Roon it looks like the song is playing. But I do not hear anything. I can turn up or down the sound nothing. I change songs nothing.

How, can I get sound out of my Apple TV (respectively the connected loudspeakers = 2 x HomePods)?
(when I stream from my iPhone via Airplay to my Apple TV everything is working fine. Other airplay loudspeaker are working fine with Roon, too).

My guess is if you look at your signal path (highlight the signal quality light while playing a track) it will show everything is OK up to the Airplay device. If it is and the HomePods aren’t shown then this could be config between the Airplay device and HomePods.

The signal path shows the Apple TV. But that should be correct. When I stream to other music system is always shows the music system not the final loudspeaker used.

The question is, why are the two loudspeakers (HomePods) are not working? When I use a app on the Apple TV or when I stream from my iPhone via Airplay to my Apple TV the HomePods are working as they should. So in my eyes the Apple TV is working correct.

By the way the Apple TV is listed as Roon tested. What is “TESTED” when it does not work at all !?!
Is the lesson learned, never buy “Roon tested” equipment, because it will work?

Roon negotiates up to the ATV. How that then connects to the speakers is beyond the influence of Roon. What I would do is look at bit rate settings and maybe clamp them to 44 or 48/16 in Roon. I would then look at the ATV settings to see how it negotiates with the HomePods. I think the problem here is the lessons are yet to be learned. Once you figure it out they will probably work like a charm.

I only can select the speaker, and I selected the HomePods. AND it is unfortunately NOT working :frowning:

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