Connecting DAC to Receiver

Currently streaming my digital music collection using the Roon player via my Squeezebox Duet. The Duet is connected to a Harmon Kardon HK3480 receiver which produces sound to my KEF Reference 102 bookshelf speakers and a Polk subwoofer. Pretty pleased with the sound quality. However, Squeezebox has a 24 bit cap.

Considering connecting a Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ to my Nucleus via usb if it is feasible to connect the DAC directly to my receiver via rca cables. Is this doable based on the front and rear panel diagrams below? And if so, where/how should the connection(s) be made? Any suggestions are appreciated.

Front Panel:

Rear Panel:

You could use RCA from the Mytek to any of the inputs #3 or #4 (even 6, 8 & 9) on the rear that are free.

Appreciate the tip Mr Fix It. Since you mentioned video connections 6 thru 9 could be used, how about the video connection on the front panel #22?

yes even that one…but ugly with cables out the front

Thanks again. Since my usb and rca cables seem to be connected correctly, the issue with no sound being produced must be with the settings of Brooklyn DAC, the Brooklyn DAC zone settings on the roon player or the receiver options being utilized.

Have selected the video 3 option on the receiver’s remote for the #22 front panel rca input connection. So if the receiver playback setting is correct, I guess I will need to provide support with my roon zone settings when I return home from work tonight. Unfortunately the roon player is being controlled by an Amazon Fire which will make it harder to create and share a screen shot of the zone settings.

Is anyone familiar with the correct Brooklyn DAC+ settings needed for the connections/hardware I am utilizing? I left them on the settings that were set when I initially powered up the DAC straight out of the box. Thanks.

Still not able to produce any sound through the speakers attached to my receiver by enabling the Vid 3 option. Could someone in the know please flag this thread for support so I can receive some guidance/assistance on the proper roon player audio settings for the hardware connections in play here. Thanks.

Maybe your receiver is stupidly ignoring the input without a video signal…stranger things have been seen. just try the CD input and see if you get audio…if that doesn’t yield results then try the volume on the DAC? Are you sure you are on the DAC’s output sockets? Do headphones on the DAC yield any audio?

Well I am embarrassed to say it, but I think a firmware update, restoring the DAC to the default settings and experimenting with the roon audio settings has fixed the playback issue. Not completely convinced that I have the most optimum menu options set on the DAC to reap its fullest potential. But I am reluctant to change anything, other than the display settings, for fear that I will be in the same predicament again.

Again, my thanks Mr Fix It for your helpful input. Was worried I might cause some permanent damage to my hardware if I had used the wrong input connections. Appreciate it.

No worries…simpler things have tripped up the most technically competent dont you worry, me included.

As long as you not connecting outputs to outputs you shouldn’t damage anything…unless you are trying to mix different things like speaker out to line in etc. Even an audio output to a video input is not going to mess up things other than obviously not going to work.

Some receivers dont output any audio for video inputs that are not connected - hence the check the DAC outputs on a non video input or cans