Connecting multiple Tidal family accounts

We have a family Tidal account with 4 different family members, each with their own Tidal log-ins and playlists. As we all share the same house, in which we have one Roon (Roon being a local network construct on a shared network) - how do we connect all Tidal users to our Roon so all household members can enjoy their playlists and music while playing Roon?

Thanks for any advice…

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Can’t until Roon has real user profiles.

Thanks @xxx

That’s a really disappointing feature gap - a system that is meant to be omnipresent on a home network (and I also bought a Nucleus server to boot to drive all end points) can hardly be expected to be limited to a single user. Every digital streaming service today has had family user profiles for years - Roon is indeed behind - I’d never considered that


Hi Goldwerger
It is an ongoing issue or request since May '17.
Have a look: Multiple Streaming / Family Accounts and Roon Profiles (Tidal, Qobuz, ...)
So far it seems to be of little priority if not downright ignored.
Am curious if the new 1.8 Version is going to solve the problem…

thanks @DrBen - it would be great if this was addressed in 1.8 - I guess we’ll be finding out in a few days… I’m not hopefully since this doesn’t seem to be the focus of Roon’s direction, but hope dies hard…

My lass is currently listening to the frozen soundtrack. This is why I’m happy to keep her as far away as possible from Roon and my system as possible.

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Although it would’ve been relatively trivial to design adequate user profiling into Roon at square one, I suspect that it is much, much more involved in retro-fitting such a feature.

It boils down to how valuable this use case is to the userbase. I suspect very, but not sure if Roon’s focus on this use case, or perhaps they see different data

I really can’t explain my wife to have an endpoint in every single room, while neglecting her Tidal library.
She also wants to have multiroom playing for her music.
Having single user libraries boils dow to being ignorent to all others in the household…
Please improve in the near future!

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Since I’m in testing phase of Roon this might influence my buying decision negative.

I have given up waiting for this feature, and simply told my wife to use ONLY her profile and start populating it with her musical preferences from the scratch (which, I must say, are diametrically opposed to mine).

Good luck… :slight_smile:

I was actually ASSUMING the tidal/qobuz accounts would be linked to the profile.
Please make this a priority! Can’t be that hard, can it? (I’m a software guy myself…)


This seems so obvious, can’t justify the subscription with the wife if she can’t use her own tidal account

It might be obvious but if it’s not allowed by the API and or the deal hey have with the services you can’t have it. Currently only Sonos hardware has deemed worthy to have this ability other 3rd party integrations do not have access to it.

Thanks for the explanation

Buy her a subscription to Roon.