Connecting new Nucleus by ethernet or wifi

I have just purchased a new Nucleus. I have read that it must be connected by ethernet cable. I have 3 options. 1 connect Nucleus to Cambridge Audio CXN (V2) streamer using ethernet cable. The streamer only has a wifi connection. 2. connect directly to Cambridge Audio DacMagic plus also not hardwired. 3 I have a wifi extender with a ethernet connector but also only is wifi connected to network.4. Run a long ethernet cable from another room. Not desirable

Unless I have misunderstood your setup, can’t the Nucleus can sit in the closet or wherever you have your network switch and Wifi, connected by ethernet, and then you can connect the Cambridge via Wifi.

HI @Gary_Grien,

The Nucleus needs an Ethernet connection, but your audio devices and remotes are not required to have one (though it can be helpful). I’d recommend keeping your Nucleus wherever your networking gear is located as Daniel suggested.

Thanks for that. It all sounds logical.
One other question is if WIFI is used to connect between my streamer and the router is the quality the same as if I have a cable connection or will it downgraded the signal. The only downside of using cable is that it’s a 10m run and will tend to be in the way.

The music will be the same. Obviously cable is more reliable for signal.

Thanks, very much appreciate your time

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