Connecting Roon to an analog integrated amp input

Hi all

I have a Mark Levinson 383 integrated amp that accepts only analog inputs.

What would be the most cost effective and yet reasonably high quality method to send my Roon library to the 383 and listen in my living room system ?

I guess there are many options but any suggestions ?


Can you indicate a budget ? You could do something from £100 to £20000.

Two possibilities spring immediately to mind

Squeezebox Touch

Raspberry Pi with hifiberry DAC+


<$1000 USD


I assume you do not have a DAC you could connnect to but can you confirm.

Do you want wifi or Ethernet connection to the network Roon is on?

My Roon Core is in a bedroom iMac. I do not have a dedicated DAC. I listen to Tidal now via Sonos to the integrated amp.


Looks like Roon will soon support Sonos in some way. If so you should be good to go. Sound quality may be somewhat compromised but I think you would have to spend quite a lot more than your target price to get a much better sounding Roon end point and DAC than your current Sonos. See this thread for more details

Sound quality with our Sonos support will not be like AirSonos. Our implementation is bitperfect to the Sonos devices.

Bluesound Node 2, will be roonready soon. Great sounding output…