Connecting Roon to Bluesound Node 2i

Core Machine

I installed the core today on my iMac 27 (2017) Intel Core i5 with 24 GB RAM, 500 GB flash storage, running macOS Big Sur Version 11.3

Network Details

My iMac is connected via hardwire ethernet cat 5 to a linksys 5 port ethernet switch, connected by ethernet cable to my comcast xfinity modem which is connected by ethernet cable to an Orbi wifi router, which is connected by ethernet cable to another Orbi wifi router in the music room, which is connected by ethernet cable to a new Bluesound Node 2i, connected by RCA cables to my integrated amplifier. – the latter works fine using the BluOS app on my iPhone

Audio Devices

I’m using an audioquest dragonfly dac and a pair of audioengine 2+ speakers connected directly to my iMac (both of which Roon can see), and a Bluesound Node 2i connected to my stereo amp in another room (which Roon doesn’t see). Connections are all ethernet cables until the Node 2i analog outputs to the amp.

Library Size

I’m just using Qobuz. I do have a bunch of old iTunes downloads, that Roon does not (yet) notice.

Description of Issue

I installed the Roon core on my iMac no problem, and can use it no problem to play music on Qobuz through output devices connected directly to the computer.
Roon also detects my Apple TV, which is in a different room but connected by ethernet cable to the same LAN that the Bluesound is connected to. However, neither my hardwired Node 2i nor my wifi Bluesound Pulse 2i appear in the Roon list of available endpoints under Settings → Audio. But both play just fine using the BluOS app.

Thanks for any suggestions! I’ve started my Roon trial and would love to be able to use it!

Update: I notice that even my Bluesound controller didn’t connect from my iMac — which suggests a network issue. BUT if I turned on wifi on my iMac, then everything connected including Roon to Bluesound devices.

Mind you, the iMac and everything else is already connected via hardwire ethernet.

Any ideas what might be happening?

It sounds like a network issue. I have no idea of your network skills - are you able to find the IP addresses of the device’s on your network? It sounds like your Orbi may have given your Bluesound an IP address on a different subnet from your Roon Core.

Graeme, Brilliant - thank you for this hint! This was the key, and it was actually my Comcast Xfinity modem that was assigning my Orbi to a different subnet than my iMac running the Roon core, as they were on different ports on the modem.
The fix was to adjust the cabling network connections so that the iMac was connected directly to the Orbi, thus sharing a single modem port with the Orbi network hosting the Bluesound gear.
All is working well now – many thanks!


Great to hear that you’re all sorted :slightly_smiling_face:

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