Connecting Roon with Yamaha RX-A2080

I would like to connect my Roon Core (NUC 10th gen running Rock) to the above receiver. Currently Roon can access it using AirPlay 2, but this of course has quality limitations. Yamaha uses ESS Sabre32 Ultra 192kHz/32-bit DACs which apparently are pretty good, so I would like to send over a digital signal (HDMI?) to take advantage of them.
Is there an end point device that is recommended for this? It would need to be wireless with HDMI connection to the receiver.

Why HDMI? Does it have a USB DAC input?
It certainly has optical inputs that you can use with a Roon bridge like Allo signature or something you build yourself using a Rasberry 4 with a HAT bridge. Risk is the quality of the WiFi connection and you lose volume control via Roon.

HDMI because it is digital and I would like to put Yamaha’s DACs to work.
No, there isn’t a USB port at the back of the unit, only HDMI, coaxial and optical for digital input. From those, HDMI appears to provide the best bandwidth for uncompressed audio. My WiFi is OK, have no trouble streaming 24bit, 192KHz FLAC to my Matrix mini-3 Pro.Screen Shot 2021-04-16 at 15.57.26
I’ll check out Allo, thanks for the tip :+1: