Connecting to Nucleus attached external SSD from Mac

I just migrated from a Mac to Nucleus, and it went super easy.

My setup is:

Nucleus+ with music on external SSD (formatted exFAT) plugged into Nucleus USB port

I’d now like to connect to that external SSD to add music from a Mac over the network, but haven’t figured out how yet.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Thank you

If you go to your file manager in MAC, you should be able to open it to the Nucleus server and under there will be a storage tab, and under the storage tab will be the USB drive. Once there, just copy music to it.

Thanks, but I’m afraid that’s not what I’m seeing. When I open the nucleus via Finder networking, I only see an inaccessible “Data” directory.

Try using “guest” (without the quotes) as both the username and the password in Finder to access the Data directory - the external storage should be a subfolder there; e.g. Data\Storage\External SSD

Check out this kb article. It has a nice GIF that will show you the steps.

Cheers, Greg

Worked like a charm

Thanks very much

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