Connecting to Synology NAS [Resolved]

Hello @support. I’m a new user up and running using iPad app, Bluesound Node 2 and server running on my Linux laptop (Ubuntu). I can’t connect to my Synology NAS, which is up and running and which my laptop and the Node 2 can both see. Any ideas?

Does your NAS have an IP address or a drive letter?

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I made a few silly mistakes at first connecting to my Synology: make sure your syntax is correct:

  • smb://x.x.x.x/music (where “music” is the name of your share and substitute your IP address or server name for the x.x.x.x part)
  • You may have to fill in your domain (check your Synology SMB settings)
  • Verify that your username and password is correct by connecting to the share normally.
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Also make sure the min SMB version option is SMB1 and max is SMB3

Path names are case sensitive too

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Thanks for the replies. I just needed to be more careful with my typing. It’s working now.

Sometimes nothing is more painful than the pain that is self inflicted :smiley:

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