Connecting with Roon ARC

Having trouble connecting with Roon ARC on a sporadic basis.
Sometimes I have two bars, sometimes I have five bars and it still won’t connect to core.
Other times it connects with ease. Can always connect on my local Network , it says I am set up and ready to go for remote connections with ARC in the Roon app.
No problems streaming from Radio Paradise, Apple Music or Qobuz under the same conditions. Anyone else having these problems?

@John_Cibula, welcome to the community. I moved this to the Support category but not sure it’s a pure support issue. Who is your ISP and what connection speeds are you supposed to have at your home?

There may be a few issues in play here. Mobile phones and signal strength bars are not always a good indicator of bandwidth and speeds. We have been conditioned for the past two decades to equate “more bars” is better, but mobile networks are far more complicated today. Without too much detail, some connections that may have many bars cannot be used for ARC or streaming/downloading a lot of data (they are optimized more for voice or texting), while some networks with 1-2 bars, optimized for data, work great with ARC.

This may be a factor in what you are experiencing. But, it you have a cable provider as your ISP, the uplink stream to the internet from your home typically is much lower than the downlink stream from the internet to your home. This uplink also may be shared among many homes in your neighborhood, which presents another constraint on the Roon Core connecting to your mobile phone.

I have Verizon Fios with a newer gateway router. 79.5 mbps down, 90.5 Mbps up.

Which mobile provider do you use?

AT&T is my mobile provider

AT&T is adding more capacity to their network, but this will take time. A lot of their network is good for short bursts of traffic that cache in local apps, such as Netflix, but depending on where you live they may not as much capacity for pure streaming apps such as ARC.

Many times I cannot get on with a Wi-Fi signal either, with a good connection signal, happened at multiple Wi-Fi locations.
I live about 20 minutes north of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, pretty good cell coverage.

I think Roon Arc needs a little tweaking, but I love the Roon ecosystem. Thank you for trying and your prompt support to my questions.

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The WiFi restriction may be a security configuration in those WiFi locations, possibly not allowing the ARC traffic to pass through (similar to restrictions in corporate networks). Do you want me to mark this as solved?

yes please
thank you

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Couple days ago it took me 15 minutes to download 4 albums on my home network. Sitting within six feet of the router.

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