Connection issues Roon 1.2 [Solved]

Installed 1.2 after not using Roon for a while (waiting for RoonBridge functionality).

From my client I keep getting “Lost Connection!” “Trying to reconnect” message after 15m or so. After restarting RoonServer it works for another 15m, then the same message.

My setup:

  1. Mac Mini with RoonServer
  2. iMac with Roon (client to manage library on RoonServer)
  3. MacBook Pro with RoonBridge

Problem at least occurs between 2) and 1). I haven’t gotten as far as 3) yet.

Any thoughts?

What are the sleep settings for your mini? Is it set to sleep in 15 mins?

Yup that was it. No lost connections since setting the Mac Mini to sleep never. Bedankt!