Connection of M500 DAC

QNAP. Roon 1.8

Is there a way to connect M500 DAC which has USB input to use with Roon?
I have Roon core installed on QNAP NAS.
I tried USB to LAN adapter, but it does not work.


You need an roon renderer in your setup.
Feed the M500 from a roon enabled endpoint like a Sonore micro/ultra rendu, and enable the endpoint on you roon core. Thats how I am connected, and it works perfectly.

Or even cheaper a raspberry pi running Riopeee then USB from there, under $100

Thank you for replies!

I am afraid I will open can of worms asking if Raspberry will sound better/worse than microRendu?
Looks like they are equivalent based on my limited knowledge, because it is just bytes stream delivered to the same DAC, which does main job.


This should help and a RPi4 is even better IMHO. Archimago's Musings: MEASUREMENTS: Raspberry Pi 3 as USB Audio Streamer (with recommended CRAAP config & TIDAL/MQA arrives)

I use the SMSL SU-9 with a RPi4 running Ropieee and it’s awesome.

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