Connection Problem with PC Roon core and Melco switch

My Device:

Roon Core: Windows PC

DAC : Auralic Altair G1

Switch: Melco S100


I have a melco s100 switch which have two Ethernet type : 1000 Mb with Autonegotiation and 100 Mb with full-duplex.

When I use the PC as roon core connects to 1000 Mb Ethernet, and Auralic DAC connects to 100 Mb, roon will have connection problems. but when I put the DAC to 1000Mb it will work smoothly.

In the beginning, I thought it was a duplex mismatch. Altair G1 didn’t support full-duplex. but when I use a Macbook as Roon core with 1000 Mb Ethernet and DAC still at 100 Mb, it will work. So I guess maybe PC has something wrong.

Here are some tests which work smoothly:

  1. PC roon core 1000 Mb, DAC 1000 Mb
  2. PC roon core 100 Mb (but change the setting to full duplex), DAC 1000 Mb
  3. Spotify, Tidal connection direct playing at DAC 100Mb.
  4. Macbook roon core 1000 Mb, DAC 100Mb

and here are the situations with errors:

  1. PC 1000 Mb , DAC 100 Mb
  2. PC 100 Mb(change setting to full-duplex) , DAC 100 Mb.

I would ask Melco about this.

Melco Says if you are roon user, you should use 1000 Mb port and it will be stable.
but I don’t think that is a good solution for their product.

If you buy into this audiophile nonsense then all bets are off and don’t expect it to work to standard industry spec. Buy a decent specced network switch from a company respected for making them and to do exactly what switches are for.

Seems like you just teach me how to buy a switch, but THANKS for your genius.

The manufacturer says to use the 1000Mb ports. Your own experience shows using the 1000Mb ports works. I am not sure of the issue you for which you are requesting support.

First of all, Melco designed the 100 Mb full-duplex ports for sound quality purposes (they said), Although the document said roon users use the 1000 Mb port will be stable, but the 100 Mb port really works smoothly on other systems.

In my earlier test, My PC roon core uses 100 Mb port will pop the error, but Macbook roon core didn’t. So I am curious about what’s happened between the difference, if someone can offer a clue, I will be thankful.

@sheng_wen_Zheng, as this really is a Melco question, I have moved your post from Support to Audio Gear Talk where other users may have ideas and information to share with you.