Connection to Dropbox is not possible and no sound is heard

Roon Core Machine

Intel NUC with Mint Linux

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet switch, cable connected

Connected Audio Devices

Powernode 2i Ethernet

Number of Tracks in Library

under 20 tsd in Qobuz, no local tracks

Description of Issue

First from one day to another I can’t hear any sound. It’s not depending from the audio devices. I can see that roon is playing but no sound is to hear. So I want to use my backup. And what should I say, Dropbox is not available in my core. So I want to reconnect without success. I use the code and it doesn’t work.

Dropbox is only available to Roon to back-up your database, and not for music files.

Yes, I know. I would like to get access to my backups. But roon doesn’t connect.

It looks like Dropbox is still supported for music as well as backups, but neither are a particularly good idea, practically speaking. Even with a great Internet connection, I would not expect Dropbox to be performant or reliable.

You may have to download your backups from Dropbox to a thumb drive and access them locally. I suspect that you’ll encounter timeouts when trying to restore.

Hi David,

Dropbox can only be used by Roon to backup your database, and not to store/access/stream music files:

Thanks David, I will try this way. Have ever heard about the main problem I have? I see that roon plays the tracks but there is nothing to hear. The database, the favourites etc. Everything seems to be okay. With qobuz direct all the devices are working.

I had that problem once on one endopoint where I was running SoundSource (on macOS). Quitting SoundSource solves the issue. Have not experienced that on other endpoints.

Hey @Thomas_Ankner,

I’m so sorry that we’re only getting back to you today, after two weeks. Please, accept our apologies. We’d love to help, if that’s still needed.

Are you still facing the same issues you did two weeks ago? Would you please let us know?