Considering Roon But I'm Confused? Please Help

If your UDP-203 is connected to an amp or even active speakers, you will be able to play music through it. Say for instance you have an AV amp in your living room that you have connect the UDP-203 to, you’ll have music streamed from your Roon library to your living room audio set up.

In some setups, it means fewer devices are needed. This is not the case in the setup you are proposing. Bluesound and some of the other wireless streaming speakers you are considering are already Roon endpoints.

I have a home theater setup… Denon receiver, amp, traditional speakers (not wireless streaming speakers), a CD/Bluray player that is not a Roon endpoint, and a PC acting as my Roon endpoint. The advantage for me in getting an OPPO 203/205 is that it could replace BOTH the PC and the Bluray player in my setup. Two devices in my equipment rack down to one.

Also, reiterating what others have said, the OPPO as an endpoint is meant to receive an audio stream from Roon, not send an audio stream.

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I assume if you do this, sound would have to be playing through the speaker physically connected to the CD player AND the additional speaker or speakers? Let’s say you have a Bluesound speaker in the bedroom and one in the living room. The CD player is connected via SPDIF to the Bluesound speaker in the bedroom. You could play a CD and hear audio from the bedroom speaker, or simultaneously in the bedroom and living room, but not just in the living room. True?

@David_Hunter, sorry if you answered this already… do you have a PC somewhere on your home network already that is always on?

Yes, at this point I plan on getting the SonicTransporter with 2 TB SSD hard drive. This will be my Roon core. This will be placed in my living room attached to my router via ethernet cable.
I also plan on having the OPPO in my bedroom, under my T.V., so I can watch DVD’s and listen to single CD’s. The OPPO will be plugged in the Pulse 2 speaker via optical out in my bedroom. There will be other Bluesound Pulse 2 speakers throughout the apartment. From what I understand, I can not use Roon to stream music from my OPPO to the rest of the speakers in my apartment. The only way to do this is to use the Bluesound app.

No. I only use a MacBook Pro and an iPad. If I got the SonicTransporter, this would be the home network that is always on. (I need to call Andrew one more time and ask about the 1U)

I found this comment on another thread. Yes, this is what is frustrating to me. The only way to play single CD’s and stream it through my apartment would be to load up and rip the CD in the SonicTransporter. Then when I’m done listening to the CD, I would have to erase it from my Roon core.

Why bother with ripping CD’s and which SSD, NAS etc. to get.

Get a Tidal subscription and add the CD’s you have and want in your library plus some more.
This saves you the hassle with making backups. Everything is in the cloud.
I would do that if I had to start all over again reripping all my CD’s

This is a great idea. I use Sync as my cloud backup and I have never had any issues with it. I would still need a Roon core so I think I will still get the SonicTransporter with 2TB SSD and use Sync to backup the Transporter.

What is the basis for going with 2tb ssd? Over hdd? Cost difference is significant, but if no object then it’s ok. There is no need for ssd to store music unless you want a totally silent system.

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Good point and a 2.5” HD is virtually silent. More silent than a CD drive.

That’s what I do. Tv is linked via optical to my Pulse 2 and if I sync the zones in BluOS I can hear TV in the kitchen.
I have a wired house but I assume the same is true with wireless.

I’ve had the ST AP (the version with 8 TB spinning hard drive) for over 2 years …never a problem.Of course I’ve have an 8TB external back up drive of all those files …just in case something goes wrong.

Chris, why didn’t you get the Pulse Soundbar for your TV? Apparently it’s Roon ready but not RAAT. I wonder if there would be a signal delay if I chose to get the Pulse Soundbar for my TV or if any other problems would happen streaming to the other Pulse 2’s around the apartment. I called Bluesound and I’m waiting to hear back.

The soundbar wasn’t available when I bought the Pulse 2. The Pulse replaced my dead Meridian F80 and is of similar size. The size is important in this setting.
This is in the conservatory for summer listening and the Pulse 2 is more than capable. Also Music is my main priority.

@David_Hunter if its Roon Ready it has to use RAAT that is one the features that gives endpoints the Roon Ready Status. No RAAT no Roon Ready status. All Bluesound products are Roon Ready and thus use RAAT. This is all on Roons site.

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You don’t need that large of a SSD…500 CDs in flac would fit on a 250gb drive.

SSDs are expensive, and the larger sizes are even more expensive. Save your money and spend it on more music or a Tidal subscription. If you want to have the SSD get the 1TB model…you will save $400-500…

Hi David

The most important thing is a “stereo” system is the music you listen too. No point in having the best unless you can listen to what you want and be able to enjoy it. Lets start with that. I cant help but think that a streaming solution would be best for based on your writings and responses. Have you logged in to a free account on Spotify just to search the titles available, same for Tidal? You might be surprised at the selection. If they have what you like/ have / want, it will be a whole lot easier to get an all in one player, stream from a subscription service to a pair of room appropriate speakers. If your in NY then you have a host of stores that can show you various all in one products. Naim, Sim audio, Peachtree, Atoll are some of the better quality buys, but there are literally over 100 to choose from. Buy local. You can go back and ask questions. However if you absolutely have to be able to rip your cd’s to files then Andrew Gillis had the best response. You still need an integrated amp and speakers. I’m willing to bet a NY dollar that 80% of your CD’s can be found on a streaming service if not more.
With this you can explore more and share playlists. You can also add a CD player to an all in one box. I have a large collection of CD’s and Vinyl bought at different points of my life that I will never listen to again. My goal is to have 500 of the best titles on a play list and then only add to it when one is displaced. Just like in business when we fire the worst client only to be replaced by a better one. If I have 500 “Albums” on a shelf, I can only hear them perhaps 2x a year if I play one a night. That’s my thinking. It’s all about the music and not the gear. Your set up needs to be good enough so that you enjoy it. After that focus on your music. Go to a store and have a look. A rule of thumb is if you cant figure it out with just a few pointers its too complicated. The remote, set up, operating and searching all have to be able to happen without you asking someone else how to do it more than twice. FYI Muti room is not an issue only more expensive.
Six rooms sounds like a Sonos soulution to me. Hope that might help.

This is great advice but what if I start falling in love with Hi-Rez music? I’m afraid if I start buying albums in this format I will eat up the space pretty quickly.

It’s your money :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Hi res stuff is nice, but a good 16/44.1 plain old CD can sound pretty darn good…I probably have 1000 CDs and 100 hi-res, DVD audio, SACD albums…everything I have minus the SACDs fits on a 500 GB drive.

Then just add another external drive. Piece of cake. Roon - or most any digital music app - can pull all your music together from multiple disks.