Considering Tidal, So Many Issues?

I would give Tidal a try as a companion to Roon, but I see so many problem threads here. Does it work well in general? Seems like the answer is no??? :persevere:

It works just fine, I didn’t think I’d use it but it’s a great addition to Roon.

This is mainly a support forum and I think you are only seeing the 1% with issues.



Never had any problems.


I joined Tidal several months ago, I haven’t had a single issue yet. It has worked like a dream with Roon.

Just be prepared to add a ton of music that you don’t have time to listen to (due to all the great recommendations on the “Listening to now” thread :grin:).


It works well for me. I don’t use it via the Tidal desktop, only through Roon. Once and awhile, you need to log in and log out. It integrates quite nicely. You can add albums to your collection which are also cataloged by artist. Tidal provides a great opportunity to listen to new music, and old music you know but may not own. Give it a try, you can always cancel if you don’t like it. The fact it works so well with Roon really makes it a keeper.

Tidal is getting a fair collection of MQA Masters too.

The problem with using a forum that encompasses feedback and support threads is that you tend to see everything that goes wrong while a silent majority are happy with the integration. Even if they are not happy with Tidal itself, but that is a whole other story to do with promotion of the owners interests! You have a trial period with Tidal I believe so sign up for the trial and see how it goes.

No trouble with Tidal and Roon, it integrates seamlessly for me. I can find pretty much any music I like. All the albums I couldn’t afford back in the day in CD quality. Plus MQA, which seems to be ever growing.
What’s not to like?

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No problems for me. I suspect WiFi and networking may lead to some people’s problems rather than any intrinsic issue with Tidal.

Yep, Tidal works fine through Roon. Tidal app itself is quite horrible in my view. but from within the artist pages in Roon it works very good. From there you can see all album from the artist and all apearances of that artist on other projects as well as similars and influencers. All directly available to play. Very nice. That’s the best part of Roon, Tidal integration. Sound quality is very good as well.

Works great. Any problems I’ve had usually were the result of internet connectivity issues.

It’s been pretty flawless for me. If I add an album on the Tidal app on my phone, it shows up almost immediately on Roon. Sounds great - I’ve stopped buying CDs to rip because of it, and the album/artist info is fantastic.

I am the OP. Thanks for all the input. I signed up for a 3 month trial. Listened all day thru Roon, no issues at all, and sounds great!


Tidal with Roon is perfect! Been enjoying it very much, so much better than just using the Tidal desktop controller and/or app.

I’ve been using the HiFi (lossless) version for the past 18 months. I did experience some stuttering issues but it was the WiFi coverage in my home. I corrected this by switching to use a CAT5 cable to my music server and haven’t had an issue since. I also use Tidal in the car and considering cancelling my Sirius subscription.

The Tidal integration with my Lumin S1 streamer/DAC is terrific. it provides the Tidal Masters (MQA) folder as you’d see using the Tidal desktop app. It also shows the MQA icon on all MQA albums. Perhaps Roon does the same, I don’t use Roon much as I prefer my Lumin app. Tidal is one of the best values in our hobby.

works fine - used it for 2 gears- no problems at all

Works just fine for me. I use Roon in two locations with two different sets of gear (I switch the account because I split my time between two countries). Works fine as well without Roon involved, although I’m not a big fan of the app’s orientation for music recommendations. Other might disagree. It’s fine for me on iOS devices and my android phone. I’ve subscribed at one time to all the major music services and Tidal remains among my favourites, largely because of its high-res offering.

Only problem is listening to all the new music you find.


I have been using Tidal+Roon for a while now, and have experienced no problems. I even have two external DAC’s, hooked to the same Dell laptop via a USB connection, one for MQA, the other for everything else. And when I’m streaming MQA, am able to direct the digital output to the appropriate DAC.
One thing to note though…I go directly into Tidal, search for and “favorite” MQA albums, once setup that way, Roon “imports” them without problems. To my knowledge, there currently is no way to search for “masters” in Tidal, using Roon.


In Roon Tidal MQA albums are found as follows:

Tidal> (What’s New Tab) Albums (Masters Tab) is MQA.

MQA is confirmed in the signal path.

Thanks for the info. It’s been a while since I’ve used my Roon setup. I’ll take a look next time I’m using Roon.