Constant Audio Dropouts - 4-5 Seconds Each - Can someone review my logs?

Roon Core Machine

Mac Mini (late 2014) Big Sur
2.6Ghz i5 8GB RAM SSD

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Sagemcom Model F@ST3896 UM
Netgear Nighthawk AX4200
Direct ethernet connection to Endpoint

Connected Audio Devices

Sonore opticalRendu via TPLink fiber media converter fed via ethernet direct to router.

Number of Tracks in Library

11,727 tracks

Description of Issue

I get random 4-5 second audio dropouts no matter if I play direct from Roon or through HQPlayer - doesn’t matter if it’s Qobuz or Tidal. It’s terribly frustrating. This happened probably 10 times in the last hour and does so on a daily basis. I can’t get a more direct connection to the internet/router, and both are very fast. I want to love Roon, but this is unbearable. Can someone review my logs to see what sort of errors are causing this?

If you bypass HQP does it work OK?

Is HQP running on the same macmini?

what filters are you using in HQP - this can be a very system resource hungry app

if you can show the signal path screen shot look at the processing speed. if under 100x there will be nothing shown

If I bypass HQPlayer I still have the issues. HQPlayer is on the same system as my Mac mini. CPU usage is only around 25% using Sinc-m filter.

Do you’ve the same issue in playing local stored files?

Same issue with local files. I talked to Small Green Computer today and they think the Mac mini is the problem. I ordered one of their sonictransporters to see if that fixes the issue. With a 30 day return, can’t hurt to try.


Hey @Paul_Gravdal,

Thanks a lot for letting us know of this and for being this dedicated in finding a solution. We’d love to help in any way we can.

I wonder, if you try streaming music (from your local files or TIDAL/Qobuz) to System Output or one of the remote devices, do you experience the dropouts?

Hi @beka I was speaking with Sonore yesterday and they thought the issue was my older Mac mini running Roon as core. I ordered a new server which should be delivered this next week. I’ll post what I find out after I get it in my system.

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