Constant crashing on 1.3 while rescanning files

The following message was PM’d to @Eric at Support on Feb 9th along with all the images and logs.

I upgraded to 1.3 yesterday. During the rescanning process Roon lost connection to the core several times and reconnected. It reconnected and started rescanning again from the beginning. In the image below, the first number in ‘‘Rescanning files’’ has stalled while the second number increases slowly. I have rebooted the server a few times and each time it starts the rescanning process over again from the beginning and shortly thereafter stalls. I have a very large database and fear that I will never get to the end of the rescanning process. Enclosed is a zip file of the logs. Any help would be much appreciated.

RoonServer / library on the SSD (DataVol1) on a QNAP TVS-882 (see below). The actual music files are in the MusicDataBank on WD Red HDDs. The network is 1GB wired.

Update - the re-scanning process has never completed since upgrading to 1.3.

Here the same problem. He falls back every time. I am intended to quit witch Roon because it is so unstable and cost a to much for what it brings.