Constant dropouts with BBC 6Music to Sonos endpoints

Roon Core Machine

Mac Mini M1 2021 model MacOS 12.2.1
Remote on Mac Pro M1 2021 model

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Core connected to TP Link TL-SG1016PE switch which is connected to Asus RT-AX86U
Eero Wifi 6 mesh connected to Asus.
Virgin Media FTTP 500 Mbps

Connected Audio Devices

Sonos Play 1 stereo pair
Sonos ARC
Sonos Play 1 (single)
Aesthetix DAC via USB from core
Aesthetix DAC via RCA from Zen Mk3 and Audiophilleo

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Playing BBC 6Music to any Sonos endpoint results in dropouts every 10-30 secs that last 2-3 secs each

6Music being played via the Sonos app works fine and no dropouts during the day (8hrs or so)

@support hello?


See if any of this helps.
In the Sonos App set audio compression to automatic.
In Roon app settings for the speaker under advanced set to max bits per sample to 16.

Where I also have the speaker with a wired connection set the wi-fi to off in the Sonos app.

Don’t know if this helps but i’ve just set mine this way to see if i get any improvements.

Changed it to auto comp but there are no settings for 16bit.

Still didn’t work though.

Mine is still chopping and stopping, I’m leaving it to Roon now, if the can’t fix it by time my subscription ends in April i’ll make do with Sonos and Tidal connect.

8 days and no response from Roon @support

I guess things like artwork and valence are far more important than something trivial like streaming music

My core is powered down, 11 days left on subscription, I’ve given up, back to Sonos for radio and Tidal Connect for streaming, no monthly costs and work without the Roon management of trying to keep it working.

Hey @Chris22,

Sorry for the delay in getting to your report. As I just relayed to @Phil_Ryan, we’re still working on trying to figure out why some listeners are having problems streaming BBC radio. Many of our employees in the UK are able to stream those stations without any issues. We’re actively investigating why some of our customers are having trouble with BBC stations in Roon while others are not. We’re sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience while we get this figured out.

It’s been happening for 4 months now, no end of people starting threads on the issue, nothing from roon support and now you reply after 8 days asking for patience.

Hi @Chris22,

I understand your frustration. Actually, we have been in touch frequently in this thread and I can assure you that work on resolving this is ongoing.

As I said, our employees and most customers in the UK have no problems with these streams, others such as yourself and Phil have frequent difficulty. We’ve made some progress on this and our work continues. I apologize that you’re having these problems. We hope to have them resolved soon.

Same here, subscription was up for renewal yesterday so I cancelled it.

Back to Innuos that works fine with all BBC radio streams.

Strange how Sonos, Innuos and LMS can all play BBC radio streams without any issues but Roon fails. I’m sure they’ll blame my network or DNS at some point as it’s never the roon software :roll_eyes:

The fix is to ditch Roon and use Sonos or Innuos instead.

Please do not mark this as a solution.
It is still an active support issue.
Thank you!

Hey @Chris22,

We understand that you’re frustrated, really we do. We are too, we don’t want our customers to have problems with Roon. It may seem that we’re ‘blaming’ the customer’s setup rather than dealing with the problem. That’s not the case, try to see it from the other side for moment.

When the majority of customers who stream BBC in Roon do so without a hitch but others have constant issues, the first thing we’re going to ask is ‘what’s different about this customer’s setup that’s causing these problems?’ The reason for this is that Roon is working correctly for most people and we need to find the outlier that is causing the issue.

You wouldn’t believe how much time has been spent on investigating these BBC radio problems and tweaking things on our back end to make improvements. When those improvements fail to impact some customers’ issues we naturally begin to suspect the customer’s setup. That’s a logical assessment, not skullduggery. It’s simply Troubleshooting 101.

But now, we have some other things happening that are within our control - and I’m going to ask for your help. We need to lower the temperature around our frustrations with this issue so that we can address it effectively. It doesn’t help you, other affected customers, the dev team, Roon QA, Roon support, or our Community at large to continue grinding away at an issue that’s being addressed. It just creates negative energy and makes the forum uncomfortable to visit, so let’s not do that. I’d appreciate your help with this.

Please post your comments in the Main BBC Radio thread. This will help us to keep all of our communications in one place and make seeing updates on this topic easier. Again, we get that you’re over it, loud and clear. You’ve cancelled your subscription and plan to stream BBC in other ways, we’re sorry it’s come to that but we respect your position. We’re going to continue the fight and get this resolved. We hope to see you back once it’s remedied. I apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused you. :v:


I’ve now had BBC Radio 3 running for five days without a single dropout. Whatever it is you’ve done is certainly working, for me at least. Sincerest thanks, Margaret.


Hey @Margaret_Charlton!

Thank you for this update, we’re delighted to hear that BBC Radio 3 has been stable for you. If there’s anything else we can help with please don’t hesitate to let us know. :v:


Hi Jamie, I’m very sad to say that the problem has come back since the last update. I haven’t managed more than an hour (and usually much less) without a stop.

Thank you,