Content constantly reloading on MacOS

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus running Core 2.0

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear switches for Ethernet, Google Nest for WIFI. No VPN.

Connected Audio Devices

Benchmark DAC connected to Nucleus
Pro-Ject Pre connected to a Raspberry PI running roon bridge
iPhone and iPad controllers

Number of Tracks in Library

Roughly 25,000 tracks

Description of Issue

When running roon on either of my Macs (both running current release of Monterey) content is repeatedly reloading. It feels like constantly hitting the reload button on a web browser. Under 1.8 I could see a lost connection message before each reload. Under 2.0 it just reloads although somewhat less frequently. Was hoping 2.0 would solve this problem as it makes roon rather useless.

I replaced my either Ethernet installation with Netgear switches trying to solve this to no avail. The only think I have not swapped out is my Google WiFi wifi mesh.

Music playing through my Roon Bridge is unaffected. iPad and iPhone software seem to work fine. Just MacOS on two different Macs, one Intel one ARM, causing problems.