Continuation of issues with Carplay/ARC interfing with phone (siri, videos)

Roon Core Machine

Nuc10i7 - 32GB Ram, 1TB NVME

Networking Gear & Setup Details

BT HomeHub Fiber 900/100.

Connected Audio Devices


Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

ARC + Carplay

I’ve recently come across a new issue for me, however I’m not sure if it’s just isolated to me. So, I will post here first before making my own topic.

*iPhone XS Max - ARC build: Latest

It seems that ARC is interfering with CarPlay as a whole. It’s stopping Siri reading messages, and creating them. It starts to read and then instantly stops…

I have literally just upgraded my iPhone to the 14 Pro Max. I set up as a brand new phone, completely clean. Only iCloud messages we’re transferred. A new download of ARC installed, and I have downloaded 5 albums.

I’ve opened up YouTube and videos refuse to play, or start to play and instantly stop. Siri is still being stopped from reading or creating messages. However, I closed ARC and now, YouTube plays without any issue and so does Siri.

Two different iPhones, and the same issue. So, it can only be a Roon ARC issue that’s taking over or effecting CarPlay.

Anyone else?

As documented here:

Roon, has this been flagged appropriately. Has the team experienced this? There have been a few performance improvements but, no one has mentioned this out loud, except a few forum members.

Hi @Formula,

Thank you for your post and for your diligent patience in awaiting some illumination on this issue from technical support.

Can you please provide either a) an approximate timestamp or b) the name of a track or playlist that was playing in ARC when you last encountered this general class of issues in CarPlay?

We’ll investigate diagnostics with QA to see what we can learn. Please list the names of other applications that were open on the iPhone, as well, for full context.


Hi @connor,

I’ll replicate this later today. And give time stamps.

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16:12 onwards, UK time.

No other apps open. I play music. Then open up YouTube and it fails to play a video.

I then ask Siri to send a text message and Siri doesn’t light up to hear my input. It hears ‘Siri’, but anything after that it doesn’t. The only way is to repeatedly press the Siri icon on CarPlay. Or, unplug the phone.

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Hi @Formula,

Thank you for the precise report, we’ll investigate and circle back as soon as possible.

We want to verify whether YouTube and Siri are different mechanisms in the above examples you’ve described. Just to reduce the number of variables and eliminate microphone interference, do you encounter the issue with Siri input when you’re paused playback? What about if you play a nearly silent track?

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The way for it to work correctly is to close the ARC app.

I found that pausing the music does not help. I tried that today. You should see it in the logs.

11:58 of todays date. UK time.

YouTube open, refuses to play.

This time, I’m in another car and it has wireless CarPlay. Arc is open and playing music. As soon as I click play on the video. Nothing happens.


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