Control app for Nvidia Shield TV

New to ROON (trial subscription) and probably late to the party asking for this feature :grinning:
Control app for Nvidia Shield TV - in my situation a 4K display.
I use PLEX for visual media, but I’m investigating ROON specifically for it’s ability to stream TIDAL MQA / Studio to my Arcam AVR20. Plus, streaming control to my Sonos speakers.


You can always install Remote Desktop app on the shield, then control the pc with roon running on it.

That’s what I do and It works flawlessly.

Possible im missing something…ROON APK…Can’t be installed om SHIELD…right?..I can’t

You can install it but it’s a typically poor unsupported app experience. Portrait only, requires a mouse, tiny text. Hardly a Roon quality experience.

The app is awful installed on the shield its not designed for a remote control only touch it also won’t handle hires due to Roons insistence on resampling everything to Androids system sample rate regardless of the device capabilities.

Ok…thnks…Thats what I thought

Hi My Shield TV Pro is identified by Roon as an endpoint due to Chromecast I imagine, I am able to stream to my Blusound node 2 and see the Roon app displayed on my tv screen. Hope that helps


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It would be nice if Roon app was compatible w/ Android TV.

Yes, would love a better interface on my Shield TV/Android TV in general!

It looks like Roon updated the android app on June 17th so just wondering if that’s fixed anything and improved the experience of using it on Nvidia Shield Pro?

Im thinking of purchasing a Nvidia Shield Pro and was hoping I could install the android app and use it to control the Roon core/library that is on my server.

Also wondering if it takes anything special to install the Roon app on the NS. Can you just pull it up in the app store and it install fine?

I think it would be a big deal for Roon to support Android TV. Some would definitely an announcement if they decided to do so.

Unsupported apps don’t show up on the Play Store. So it would have to be sideloaded.

Android TV would not be a good fit for Roon UI, it’s designed for touch or mouse not a remote.


I agree totally despite how much I love my shield.

Plex works well on the Nvidia shield - and I think that is android TV. There are just as many items to click and options to select in Plex as there are Roon. I use a remote all the time. I also have a keyboard and touch pad connected but I never need to use it for navigation. The remote direction keys just snap to whatever is above, below, left, or right. It takes more than one press to get around, but it’s no big deal. I display to the shield when listening through the HiFi, and it’s frustrating not to be able to control as well.


Plex is not that great and got worse with the latest GUI refresh if you ask me, searching for anything is a real pain on ATV full stop. You would not be able to navigate Roons features easily it would have to be dumbed down a lot to work with many features either not easily accessible or just plain clunky to use.

I don’t agree, but everybody is different :grinning:

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I’m not sure why it would be hard to navigate or ne dumbed down. You can install Kodi, Plex, many other things that have more to select and navigate than Roon. Jriver and Emby are also in there…I havent looked at them, but I suppose I need too.

Also, with the Nvidia Shield, if they wanted too they could give it the ability to have mouse/game controller control (game controller moves like a mouse).

They have been designed with that usage in mind from day one. Roon is not going to make an app for a small use base that will be missing lots of features that just won’t work efficiently and have to change its whole design to work. Their apps more a less operate in the same way across all platforms with a few missing features on phones, they aim for parity. You could not achieve this on ATV in any way as it would need a full redesign. This is not economically sound to spend all that time and money to design a new interface for such a limited user base. Money that could be better spent on the product User base of Plex and Kodi are primarily video so they make an interface that works on a big screen as its their primary customers use case . Kodi is still ■■■■ if not on a pc navigating it is still not great on ATV. I have used them all and had my Shield since it was originally launched and have an Android TV. It’s not the best interface even for video applications and definitely not for music. You tried the Spotify and Tidal apps, laughable.

All user bases start small, and it’s really up to Roon to decided what platforms they support. People in IT have more concern over keeping multiple platforms supported and working, than the relatively trivial user interface navigation.

Sideloading roon remote is not working verry well. You can not scroll. I need Roon remote for Nvidia shield. Little bit crazy that such expensive software has no shield app (android tv). Now I need to use plex on shield. If Roon not comes available for android tv I do not renew Roon.