Control app for Nvidia Shield TV

Wait…ALL the apps on your Shield are a dreadful experience? Disney+? Netflix? YouTube? I use Tidal, YouTube Music, Plex, etc and they all work just fine for playing songs, skipping etc. You have voice search using Google Assistant…why would search be terrible? It works great in apps that support it.

Point being…sometimes I sit down with my iPad or Android phone or Chromebook and control my NUC for deeper listening or research, but sometimes I’d just like to have Roon up on the big screen to display album art (which it also doesn’t do very well sadly, but that’s another story) and be able to have my Shield be the controller. I think you are dramatically overstating how dreadful this would be. By a lot.


It’s a good point…you can use a mouse and keyboard just fine with Shield. It really should not have been necessary for me to buy a NUC for Roon, but I sucked it up and just did it. It sits next to one of my SHield Pros. :-/

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Hi, still waiting for this control app since Apr 2020 - keep asking everybody and importantly vote at the top of the thread.


Just passed the 2 year anniversary.


I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago in the thread with the new community manager. Shockingly, there was no response, but I too would appreciate this.


roonlabs - there is still customer interest in adding this feature.


Yes, this app is the one thing I’m missing for my Roon system to be complete!

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@Jay_Brown yes, I was also “fooled” by Roon’s Signal Path into thinking that it enables my Shield to play in 192 to AVR.


After checking the AVR’s Audio/Video details, I realized it’s only in PCM 48.

It seems like we need something like the UAPP app mentioned in this thread to bypass the Android limitation, and then have Roon integrate with that app.

Personally, I think the chances that Roon will do this is low, given how lack of responses they are on other requests. Especially when latest update it seems they are spending more time on developing car interface.

In any case, I am still writing here to make it known that Nvidia Shield is a piece of fantastic hardware with Atmos and multichannel support, and if Roon can support it directly, it would mean not having to buy additional endpoints.

I strongly agree with this thread.

Or ROON could actually just add Anthem support for my AVR MRX540 which is ‘Coming Soon’ for 2 years, then I wouldnt need to use the shield haha.

Sadly it’s Anthem who needs to add Roon support not Roon who needs to add Anthem support.

As the owner of multiple Shield’s it would be good to have something, but I am not expecting anything to happen.

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