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I have a ROON group setup in my office… one is an ARCAM IR DAC with AudioEngine A5+ speakers running off my Apple MacPro and the other is a Bluesound PowerNode 2i with B&W 603 S3 speakers (WiFi Connected). Currently I control both these individually and I have a kind of sweet spot for general listening in my office… but when the phone rings… or I just want to increase the volume… I need to adjust both sliders individually to achieve that sweet spot once more, is there any way to globally adjusting the volume of that one Roon Group with one slider…?

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Hey @Anthony_McCarthy,

Thank you for getting in touch with your question, and wow - nice DJ rig! What you’re experiencing is normal behavior for grouped volume handling in Roon. We’ve had requests for a 'One True Volume Slider to Rule Them All" :muscle: You can add your voice and vote to and existing feature request if you’d like.

This post from Mike has a bit more info on the volume controls for grouped zones and why it functions as it does in Roon.

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