Control4 Driver Suggestion

(Greg Finger) #1

I’ve been a long time Control4 programmer, and have used a lot of the various media players, and I’m thrilled that Roon works with Control4. Bummed that it’s only with the Nucleus, but that’s another discussion.

There’s a key feature of the Roon driver that’s missing which is part of the Sonos and Bluesound drivers, which is “Auto Power Rooms” and “Override Rooms” functions. What this is very useful for is getting Control4 to sync with the power state of the room if Roon is activated using the Roon app instead of the Control4 interface. Let’s face it, the Roon interface is MUCH better than the Control4 interface, and I can see a very common use of the homeowner choosing what to listed to using Roon, and then using wall keypads to control volume and so on. Without the Auto Power Room function, this is not possible. The Override Rooms function will override the current source selection if the room is already turned on to a different source and switch to Roon if playback is initiated using the Roon app.

A delay for auto off would be useful as well so Control4 will turn the room off if playback is stopped or paused for a given time (both different options)

Basically, take a look at the properties of the Sonos driver. @steve @support

(Mike) #3

Thanks for the feedback @GregF – very helpful for us.

@noris will look into this, and then we can investigate what’s possible and start to spec out changes.

If you have more feedback, keep it coming. Thanks again!

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