Control4 Grouping Issues

Hi all. I am having an issue at a client site. We are using Roon through Control4. When grouping more than 2 zones together it stops the stream inside of Roon. Starting in 1 zone and then grouping in C4 works, but not when starting more than 1 zone at once. Any advice?

Hi @Adam_PItzen,

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What kind of zones are you trying to group, can you let me know the model/manufacturer of the devices?

If you try to group these zones in Roon (without using the Control4 interface), does the grouping work as expected?

Audio zones through Control4. They’re being controlled through a Control Zone Amplifier (Matrix Amp). Not 100% on the second question. I will have to ask the client and I’ll chime back in when I hear back. Thank you for the response!

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