Control4 integration - can you play roon to Control4 rooms?

I have a Nucleus+ server as well as Control4, and they have been integrated.

I am able to use the Control4 app to play roon on my HiFi, but I am more interested in using it to play roon to my control4 rooms (otherwise, frankly, there is no point for this integration).

My Nucleus server is based in the same AV rack where my control4 components are, and any wired/network connection is easily doable.

How do I get use control4 to play my roon library to a control4 audio zone?

thank you!

Have you read this section

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I have.

It shows how to control Roon from C4, which indeed works. But not how to play Roon content to C4 rooms/audio zones?

Select a control point in settings audio in roon.

I’m not an expert in this so others may be better informed but I have had some experience with a legacy multiroom system. If you have an existing control4 multichannel amplifier with multiple analogue inputs and multiple speaker outputs to your individual rooms you will need to provide one (or possibly more) connections from the Nucleus to the analogue inputs on your control4 amplifier. A USB DAC (or more than one if you want different Roon zones in the different rooms) is probably the easiest answer if the Nucleus and Control4 amplifier are in the same rack. If they are not close by then a networked RasberryPi running ropieee with a suitable DAC hat would be a suitable input to the Control4 amplifier.

thanks @ged_hickman1 and @EricJ

I see the two Nucleus HDMI ports in the settings audio, do you mean select one of those as the audio zone for roon, and connect an HDMI cable from the Nucleus to the C4 audio matrix or amplifier?

Will C4 “see” roon as an audio source after that (as it does any other audio source in C4)?

also, I wonder if C4 can give a command to roon to use that HDMI audio zone, or do I have to manually do this in roon before using C4?

I’m just another user and know nothing about control4. Probably best to wait until proper @support arrive.

I’m assuming that your Control4 amplifier only has analogue inputs ?
The Nucleus output is digital from a USB port, it can not provide an analogue connection without using a DAC. You need a USB DAC (or a networked Rasberrypi with a DAC hat) to provide an analogue output from Roon to connect to your Control4 amplifier.
Roon is then just another analogue input to your Control4 amplifier just like CD, DVD or FM radio etc.


@EricJ that’s super helpful - thank you - gets me closer to the end point.

happy to get any further thoughts from @support of course

Hi @goldwerger,

Yes, that is correct. These zones should show up under Roon Settings -> Audio as HDMI A and HDMI B.

Our newest release of Control4 (Build 12) does indeed have HDMI Binding Capabilities in the module. Your Control4 dealer should be able to access them on the “Control & Audio Video Connections” in Composer:

Hope this helps!

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Thank you @noris !

will the same also work with a UBS DAC - i.e. if I connected a USB DAC to the Nucleus, which in turn would output the analog audio into C4 (e.g. the C4 audio matrix), would C4 see Roon as an audio source it can control and play in any of its own native C4 rooms?

I’m happy to report this was solved successfully.

For anyone interested - I used (for now, perhaps to remain) a simple Dragonfly USB DAC connected to Nucleus directly, and a 3.5" to RCA cable connecting it to the C4 Audio Matrix.

I’m now able to play all Roon content natively in Control4, in any C4 room/zone.


Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

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thanks @EricJ - this did the trick!

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Pleased it worked.
A great outcome, simple and effective update for your C4 system with all the benefits of Roon.

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Hi @goldwerger,

Happy to hear you sorted this issue out by using the 3.5 RCA cable for your Matrix!
If you run into any other issues or questions, please just let us know.
Happy listening! :headphones:

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