Controlling Roon with an Amazon Echo and Bluesound

Is anyone out there using Bluesound and Amazon Echo to control Roon? I just installed it, and it is really slick. I can use my voice to raise and lower volume and mute in individual rooms/devices. I can also progress to the next song, tell me what is playing and pause music in all zones. It is not perfect, and of course there are limitations if there are non-Bluesound devices (non-Bluesound devices are slaves to the Bluesound commands); but it is still pretty slick if you are a Bluesound user. I have been trolling this forum for Echo solutions and have not found any real usable ones that are simple and easy for whole house audio. Somehow I stumble bumbled onto the Bluesound option. It really is not targeted at Roon, but it works.

One note - when asking Alexa what is playing she sort of muddles the Album, Artist, and song together so not really all that usable except to tease out the Artist name. But then again this is what the Roon remote is all about.

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Are you using the blue sound Alexa skill, or something else?

Yes. The Bluesound Alexa skill. I searched forever on Roon and never thought to look for Bluesound. I have a couple of Naim units but mostly Bluesound. I am now sticking with Bluesound due to the Alexa interface. Not to mention it is a good back up when Roon stops working which to be fair is a lot less these days.

I thought I would post it here so that when people search on Alexa that they get something other than the kluge options.