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Windows 11 on new Dell micro-workstation, Dell 32 monitor. Data on external 2 TB Samsung drive. Connection to PS Audio Direct Stream DAC is ethernet.

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I see no way to have a dispaly with white text on black background. I have vision problems and your light grey on white is horrible - shame on Roon. Windows 11 high contrast dispay dows not wok Roon.

Does Roon Settings > Setup > Dark Theme work for you?

Thank you! With my macular degeneration, I was having trouble finding the setting. Much better, except the dark blue items difficult. In Windows, I was able to tweek their setting to have a lighter blue. GREATLY APPECIATED!

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Glad it is at least a little helpful. Roon uses a cross-platform graphical toolkit which has some advantages like the same look on all operating systems and easier development.

However, is seems that one downside is that it isn’t fully integrated in any platform’s accessibility frameworks. I’m not an expert on this and just a user anyway, but there are several open threads under #feedback:feature-suggestions regarding eyesight

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