Converting a former RoonCore back to a RoonRemote (on OSX)

One thing I noticed is that when converting a former RoonCore back to a RoonRemote (on OSX) I couldn’t simply disconnect from the internal Core and start using it as a remote. I had to blitz the whole Roon db from the OSX user library folder and only then would it discover the remote RoonServer on the network.

Hi Mark,
Each database has an identifier. Running more than one copy of a database with the same identifier is greatly to be avoided. Sounds like Roon is trying to avoid it. The FAQ may not mention it, but it is definitely good practice to uninstall a former Core and install Roon afresh as a Remote.

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That would explain it. Does OSX not have a an uninstaller the same way Windows does? I dragged Roon from the Applications folder to the trash, but there was no option to delete the db as there is on Windows.

This is important as I am trying to do the same. Is installing Roon afresh EQUIVALENT to turning off Roon, delete /Library/[username]/Roon folder and restart Roon to set it up as a new remote? Or is there still differences in installing Roon afresh?

I don’t know. Found [this guide] ( on a quick look.

Delete Roon from the Applications folder, Delete the Roon folder from the Library folder. (You may only have to delete the ~/Library/Roon folder.)

Open the disk image that you downloaded from Roon and drag Roon app to your Applications folder. Launch Roon and establish the status of the app as a remote.

I have done this more than five times. It works. If you want to export your loves/plays search elsewhere on here.

These FAQs may help.

I understand that deleting an application in OSX is as simple as removing the app file from the Applications folder. I just wanted to make sure that the process is reversible so I can recover the original working state in case anything goes wrong. If the conversion only works successfully by reinstalling Roon on each computer to be modified the (core/remote) status, I’d like to know why that is. All settings should be in the ~/Library/Roon folder so why should I reinstall Does it then mean that I can recover the original state by removing the newly-installed and put back the originally installed into Applications?

I know what the instructions mean line by line. They are just not written clearly.

Take a backup of the Roon folder before you start. If you want to revert to the original state, copy the Roon folder backup over a fresh install.

Can’t help you with questions about what is necessary. All I know is what is sufficient.

You still didn’t answer my question. Let me repeat:

  • Does the core/remote conversion of an OSX machine ALSO require removing and reinstalling it? (Yes/No)

  • If so, why does it make a difference? Explain.

  • In case anything goes wrong, can I recover the original status by removing the newly-installed and put back the originally-installed, just the way I recover by removing the newly established ~/Library/Roon folder and putting back the backed-up Roon folder? (Yes/No)

The answer is I don’t know.

Let’s leave a flag for @mike to see if he can help here.

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I know how to do it. I suppose I was asking a more general question about automating App+db removal on different OSes, given that OSX doesn’t seem to have an uninstaller in the same way that Windows does.

No, you’ll just need to trash your Roon database folder if you want to start fresh.

The Roon folder I mentioned above is where your database is stored (meaning everything in your Roon library, all your playlists and edits, etc) as well as all your Roon settings. Making a copy of that folder will function as a backup of Roon.

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