Converting desktop to a remote and retrieving a portion of iTunes files that aren't hidden in Roon

Reaching out from California with 2 Questions - - anybody else having these issues?:

  1. Just changed my core from my desktop PC to a new Nucleus server and goal is to have both my iPad and desktop PC as remotes. For some reason I’m unable to convert the desktop to a remote. How do I convert my desktop to a remote?

  2. My iTunes music didn’t migrate over to Roon. Out of 1,200 artists from iTunes there are ONLY approx. 100 artists that I’m trying to move over. The rest were manually hidden in Roon because I downloaded a higher res version of the music from Qobuz. Since the iTunes file contains a lot of music/artists that are hidden my goal is to not have to bring over the entire iTunes file unless it’s unavoidable.

Any help/advice much appreciated . . .

On #1, on the PC, go to settings general and Disconnect from the core. You should them get an option to connect to a core. Select the Nucleus.

Hey @Paula_Dempsey,

Thanks a lot for letting us know of this — I’m sorry we didn’t have a chance to reply sooner :pensive:

To convert your desktop to a remote, you’d need to log out of Roon and then log back in on the desktop. Then, you’ll be prompted with the screen below and you can select Find My Core

I’ve been connecting with our team since you created this post to get a final answer on your second question. I’m afraid I didn’t hear back yet…

What is worth pointing out in the meantime is that you could generate an XML file for just the 100 artists (a guide here) and add it in your iTunes music folder (preferably a folder containing just the 100 artists).

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