Convolution: CFG vs WAV

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is there any advantage using CFG instead of WAV files in the convolution engine?

I an using Audiolense which seems to generate both. I have currently only measured a 2.0 setup where the WAV filed work flawlessly - I am planning to change this into a 2.2 filter next week. Will the WAV filed work then as well?



Hi Mark,
If you have a simple convolution setup such as:

  • Left Channel --> FilterLeft --> Left Channel Output
  • Right Channel --> FilterRight --> Right Channel Output

… then you don’t need to define a .cfg, and simply import into Roon a .zip file containing a stereo .WAV file “Filter.wav”, left channel being FilterLeft and right channel being FilterRight. No need or no advantage to adding a .cfg file in this case.

If you want to handle more complex setups such as outputting on 4 channels in a 2.2 setup, then you must have a .cfg describing the processing, alongside the necessary .wav filters.

See also

Thanks. Very helpful. Will try next week and might ask for advice again, but I‘ve sen there is already some posts on how to make the config files work.

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Dear Mark, I bumped into the same problem!
Actually wav works, but changing config Files so Roon understands it, is quite an easy task in Txt editor. Just delete the directory information from the config files in the respective lines as demonstrated in the photo attached.

Best regards and good luck!

Hi Eric,

unfortunately it doesn‘t work as soon I am going to a 2.2 set up. I have posted the issue here: Audiolense Convolution Filters in Roon

Any ideas?