Convolution Filter, Bursts of Noise, PS Audio Direcstream Bridge II

@support I’m using the PS Audio Directstream Bridge II, feeding that device via ethernet, running a roon core on a mac mini elsewhere in my network. Alternatively using a macbook pro and ipad to control roon. All of which has worked spectacularly well although I’ve released purchased some convolution filters from Home Audio Fidelity. With the filters engaged here’s the problem: When tracks move from one track to another in a playlist when the sampling frequency changes I get a couple of bursts of nasty distortion through my speakers. When I turn off convolution it doesn’t happen. What’s happenning?

Not sure if this is exactly your problem

Hello @pwhinson,

There appears to be a bug in the latest PS Audio Network Bridge II firmware that is causing the issue you are seeing. The recommended solution from PS Audio at the moment is to downgrade the firmware on the Network Bridge. You can read more about this issue here


Thank you John. This is EXACTLY whats happenning. I’ve been dealing with PS Audio support for two weeks and never did they suggest we downgrade the bridge firmware; rather they told me it wasn’t possible. They downgraded snow mass one level. Not real happy with them right now since this solution is two months old and they failed to suggest it.