Copy/Paste Image fies within Roon

Hi - I’m new here. Recently installed the trial and am considering purchasing a license. So, excuse me if this has been brought up before - but could you please add the ability to copy and paste image files within Roon?

There’s lots of Artists without images in my collection, as well as some that I would rather use an album cover instead of what Roon is providing.

In most cases, I would be happy to just use an album cover from the particular artist, Doing this would be simple if I could just drag or copy/paste the album cover image and use it for the Artist image. However, that does not appear to be possible…

Add the fact that Roon can only browse to a local drive and not a networked or mapped drive, it makes something that should be very simple, not so simple…

So, my feature requests are:

  1. Add drag/drop and/or copy/paste of images within Roon
  2. Add the ability to browse to a networked or mapped drive for adding artwork


I know you can drag images in on a laptop or desktop as I do this often.
You can also add images to albums in the stored folder.
My music is stored on a networked NAS drive. QNAP TVs 471 locally within the QNAP
There is a lot to learn about what Roon can do and it takes time. Chris

Three options – the first (‘Drag in’) is drop’n’drop (just drag and drop an image onto the ‘Add an image’ popup window):

guys, I think what @GMahal is asking for in Drag’n’drop is the ability to be able to do this within Roon - in addition to be able to drag an image in from an external program.

Likewise, even though it is possible to browse network folders when adding storage locations to Roon, it is not possible to do so when browsing for images - only local folder browsing is supported.

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I would like to see this added. In another thread I wrote:

Correct, I’d like to be able to right-click on an album cover image within Roon and copy/paste it into the Artist image field, as an example.

As far as browsing to a network location for adding images, I woke up this morning to find that is now working!?! So, I guess someone is paying attention. Very impressive responsiveness to feature requests!

Now that browsing to a network location is possible, can we right click on an artist/album and browse to the path of that artist/album? Or at least display the path to the artist/album?

I’ve got some artists showing up with no image and no idea of the path to that artist/album, which makes browsing to the image that I want to use difficult…

On what OS is your Roon Remote running?

Win7. Mapped Network Drive now showing up. Clunky browser, but it’s a start…

Oh, a mapped drive. That’s not really a network browser… :slight_smile:

Agree, but I was happy that it showed up. Before, it was only showing my C drive! :grimacing:

You can find the path to the album in File Info.

Yes, I see that now …and it’s nice that they have a “Copy File Path to Clipboard” since it seems as though you can’t copy/paste anything from with Roon…but even the “copy path” doesn’t help me since the path starts with H:\ on my server, so I can’t copy it into the Explorer address bar of the machine that I am working from, where Remote is installed…