Copy/Paste in Windows 10

Bit off topic but maybe someone can help: If I copy a title ( for example Asgeir Trausti - Dýrð í dauðaþögn above); why am I not able to paste it in the Roon search function? The paste function has never worked for me in Roon, - I am using Windows 10. Can I change this?

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Hmm, I just tried that now, and it seemed to work for me. I got the album I own, plus the album on Tidal. I’m on Windows 10. Are you on the latest version of Roon ?

Yes I am. To be clear: to paste something in the search bar of Roon doesnt work for me. It leaves the searchbar blank

Right… I would just create a support ticket for that I guess…

If you use a keyboard you can use ctrl+v to paste text into the search field, but I agree, not allowing normal copy/paste doesn’t make much sense.

Edit: Checked now, normal copy/paste works on both iPad and an Android pad.

ahh I understand. Yes, I used ctrl+v which is purely instinct for me. I use a laptop, and almost never ‘right click’ and paste.

Is this what you’re looking for @zegel?

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Hi @Mike,

When pasting text into Roon, it should strip off any source formatting and use the destination format.

Try coping some large font text (from word or a browser) and then pasting into Roon

If others have no problem with this matter it is probably a windows 10 driver issue; although it occurs only when pasting to Roon. No difference when using Control V/P or right click - both do not work. On Android no problems - copy - pasting works like a charm.

So I’ll check out my drivers, thank you all

Copy/right click does not work for me in Windows 10 (and I believe it’s been mentioned by others also), but copy/ctrl+v works (ctrl+p does nothing).

That works for me aswell: copy/ctrl+v. Strange solution - but for the moment my problem is solved

Having the the same issue as above mentioned, no right click copy/ paste working on W10.
ControlC/V works fine.